1) A survey of 865 voters in one state reveals that 408 favor approval of an i


A survey of 865 voters in one state reveals that 408 favor approval of an issue
before the legislator. Construct the 95% confidence interval for the true
proportion of all voters in the state who favor approval.
2) A sample of 3 novels has a standard deviation of 9 pages. Find the 95% confidence interval of the population standard deviation.
3) A travel agent claims that the average of the number of rooms in hotels in a
large city is 500. At a = 0.01 is the claim realistic? The data for a sample of
seven hotels are shown:
713, 300, 292, 311, 598, 401, 618
A researcher wishes to see if the average height of female models is less than 67 inches. A sample of 25 models has an average of 65.8 inches. The standard
deviation of the sample is 1.7 inches. At a=0.5, is the average height of the
models less than 67 inches?
5) A small electronics store has begun to advertise in the local news paper.
Before advertising, the long-term average weekly sales were $ 9, 820. A random sample of 50 weeks while the newspaper ads were running gave a
sample mean weekly sales of * = $10,960. Does this indicate that the
population mean weekly sales is now more than $ 9,820? Test at the 5%level
of significance, Assume o = $1,580.
6.How long does it take to complete a standardized exam? The long -term average is 2.8 hours. We may assume that x has a normal distribution with
o = 0.8 hour. A random sample of 12 juniors gave a sample mean
x = 2.2 hours. Does this indicate that the population mean time is different
from 2.8 hours? Use 5%level of significance.
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