1. Read the link below to get the factual details on the crash. You may also do

1. Read the link below to get the factual details on the crash. You may also do your own research on other publications that covered the crash.
2. Please draft your response in memo format To, From, Re, and Date:
3. Use Headings and subheadings: I.e., Facts Surrounding the Crash
Subheading: Reports from other sources on the crash
4. include a Conclusion paragraph with next recommendations.
5. Provide a list of your sources.
6. Your Memo should be no less than five-pages

You are a Senior Advisor at OEM and your Commissioner has tasked you with drafting a Memorandum to the Deputy Mayor of Operations on the incident and would like for you to (1). Provide a report on the crash and the relationship with the other levels of government and (2) make the case for additional funding given the recent Emergency Disasters in the country.
1. Describe the factual situation that led to the incident?
2. Identify the First Responders and discuss the various levels of government that were involved and explain why? Provide an in-depth overview of CIMS Coordination if any?
3. Discuss the intergovernmental relationship and the actors involved.
4. List and explain the role of Federal Agencies with oversight over transportation, particularly Aircrafts?
5. What federal funding and grants would you request from the State and the Federal Government to provide more resources, training, and equipment? PA 103 Chapter on Grants
6. Discuss which agencies on the state level that you will invite to a post analysis of the crash with FEMA.
7. How could the local government be prepared for future incidents?
8. Conclusion and Recommendations/Suggestions

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