2. Company profile Name Background (describe what the company does and offers) I

2. Company profile
Background (describe what the company does and offers)

2. Company profile
Background (describe what the company does and offers)
Industry (as defined by the case)
Revenue/Profitability (last 5 years)
Company size (e.g., number of employees or sales)
3. Analysis
Business model (customer value proposition and business formula)
Vision, Mission, Values
External analysis
Porter’s 5 forces
Overall opportunities and threats (2 of each)
Internal analysis
Ratio analysis (current strategic effectiveness)
Core competencies
VRIN resources and capabilities
(Sustained) Competitive advantages
Value-chain analysis (3-5 functions)
Overall strengths and weaknesses (2 of each)
4. Corporate/diversification strategies
Discuss the company’s corporate/diversification strategy and its effectiveness
5. Business/Competitive Strategies
Discuss the company’s business/competitive strategy and its effectiveness
6. International Strategies
Discuss the company’s international strategies and entry modes and their effectiveness. If the company does not have foreign operations, propose a scenario discussing the appropriate strategies and modes for international expansion.
7. Ethics, CSR, and sustainability
How well the company measures up against the competition on these criteria
8. Organizational Structure
Discuss important structural issues that pertain to your organization (e.g., type of organizational structure, span of control, corporate governance, etc.)
9. Key Issues and Problems
Based on your assessment of all aspects of the business (Point 1-8), you have to identify 2-3 key problems that the company is facing and/or issues it needs to address
10. Strategic Alternatives
Provide at least two strategic alternatives that can solve the key problems you identified. Each alternative must be broadly stated and incorporate elements from the company’s corporate and business strategies
11. Evaluation and Selection
Using your SWOT analysis, evaluate each alternative. Indicate how each alternative can solve the problems and/or address the issues you have identified. Which of the two better fits your SWOT? This will be the alternative that you can propose the company to implement. Make sure to explain how the winning alternative better fits your SWOT than the other alternative(s) you have proposes and considered
12. Recommendations
Detail the specific steps that the company has to make to implement the alternative you chose
13. Implementation Issues
State what the company should be weary of in relation to pursuing the desired course of action
14. Conclusions
Present your final reflections on your work, restating key points from the purpose of the project and your findings
Your project must be 3500 to 4000 words in length
Cite all your sources. Use APA citations
Review the grading rubric for detailed information on how the assignment will be graded

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