Article evaluation

Article evaluation
Final Exam
Please to read the article provided by the teacher and answer the following questions.
Question 1 (5 points)
Please to indicate the following:

  1. What is the purpose of this study

The study was undertaken to explore the relationship of trust to student achievement . The study will examines these relationships in middle schools across a variety of contexts.

  1. What are the variables in the study

The development of the Faculty Trust is one variable that researchers believe affect academic achievement and that variable is caused by teacher trust in the principal, colleagues, students, and parents.

  1. Why this study is important or significant

Question 2 (10 points)
Please to describe the following:

  1. What type of research is this?


  1. What are the evidence of internal validity in this study?
  2. What are the evidence of external validity


  1. What are the instruments used to data collection

1- Faculty Trust. The Faculty Trust Scales (FTS) consists of 26 items that assess the level of faculty trust in three important school constituents. It contains three subscales: Faculty Trust in the Principal includes 8 items.
2- Principal Trust. The Principal Trust Scales (PTS) measure principal trust in teachers as well as students and parents. The scale consists of 20 items in three subscales: nine items assess principal trust in teachers, six items assess principal trust in students, and five items assess principal trust in parents. The reliabilities of the three subscales ranged from .86 to .87 in a sample of 642 principals in two states
Question 3 (15 points)
Please to describe:

  1. What are the statistical technique used for data analysis

The statistical techniques used were descriptive correlation and the main findings using this technique is that there is a negtive correlation between self-regulation and self-efficacy to academic achievement. Self-regulation has a higher positive correlation than self-efficacy to academic achievement.

  1. What are the evidence of the significance of the results
  2. What are the evidence of the importance of the results

Question 4 (15 points)
Please to describe:

  1. What is the major finding in this study
  2. What are the limitations of this study

Question 5 (5 points)

  1. What are the practical implications of the results
  2. In what ways the results support or explain previous knowledge.


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