345-TVH-TV sec.00266 Critical Thought

345-TVH-TV sec.00266
Critical Thought
Final assignment:
You will select a topic relevant to your field of study and conduct a critical analysis essay and present
your topic to the class.
Your analysis must:
• present a company, association or group providing a relevant solution in your field of study.
• your analysis must be conducted and justified according to the relevant elements of reasoning of
the Paul-Elder Framework.
• your essay cannot exceed 550 words and cannot be less than 450 words.
• your final assignment must also include a summary of your essay using either the 5W method
or a mind map.
• your assignment must include clear sources of reference.
• be written using the Modern Language Association (MLA) format.
• your assignment must be handed in once your class presentation completed.
• Essay structure– 20%
• Clarity and coherence – 20%
• Includes all the required elements – 40%
• Presentation – 10%
• Language and grammar – 10%

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