5 page paper, not including the title and works cited –You need a minimum of FO

5 page paper, not including the title and works cited
–You need a minimum of FO

5 page paper, not including the title and works cited
–You need a minimum of FOUR cultural artifacts (these are your primary sources). In other words,
four specific paintings, pieces of music, plays, poems, books, pop culture, etc. If you choose multiple
mediums and/or eras, then at least two for each medium. Three mediums, at least two examples of
–You must include images and/or links to your primary sources (the cultural artifacts). Photographs,
illustrations, links, etc. images will not count towards your page total, but are essential to your paper.
Some mediums are expressed through a non-material component—for example, music, film, etc. In this
case, you need only refer to the song/film/tv show and artist/director/etc. (but it is helpful to link me to a
YouTube video or streaming source, if possible).
–In addition to your primary sources (the cultural artifacts), you must support your arguments with
quotes/paraphrases from at least TWO reputable secondary sources (not including your textbook).
An article or book about the art piece/artifact, author, time-period, place and/or subject would be an
example of a secondary source (whereas the art piece/artifact itself would be a primary source). At least
one of your sources MUST be from an academic journal from the library’s database of academic
–Do not quote from Wikipedia or general info/common knowledge sites like Britannica.com, Kahn
Academy, study sites, (encyclopedia sites in general), Webster’s dictionary, etc. I have no problem with
you consulting these general sites to build basic knowledge—some of them are quite good– but don’t copy
from them or quote from them, as it is all common knowledge! Put the information learned entirely in your
own words (as common knowledge information doesn’t need to be cited). Wikipedia, of course, has its
own issues, because it is an open source—but I do sometimes find it helpful to as a jumping off point to
other articles and sources. Just be judicious about the sites you consult, as not everything is objective (or
even true).
–This means that every Works Cited list will contain at least FOUR primary sources AND TWO secondary
sources for a minimum of SIX total sources.
double-spaced full PAGES in 12pt font, MLA style (headings, title pages, illustrations/pictures,
and Works Cited page do not count towards your page total). List your primary sources AND
secondary sources in a separate WORKS CITED page (Works Cited does not count towards your paper
length). List your primary sources (cultural artifacts) in your Works Cited list, even if there is nothing to
quote from them.
–Make sure you have a clear thesis statement somewhere in the introduction of your paper (first 1-3
paragraphs). Put your thesis statement in bold. A thesis statement should be 1-2 sentences, not an
entire paragraph

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