7-8 PAGES with work cited page in MLA format Put your work together. Basically,

7-8 PAGES with work cited page in MLA format
Put your work together. Basically, tell the story of your experience. If you like, you can organize it through the steps below (it’s OK to organize it how you like–see the student samples for ideas).
What did you know about your site/community, going in?
What did you expect to find?
What was your methodology? In other words, what was your process for gathering information? How did you make observations?
Tell your story here. What did you notice? You can mix in interviews and photographs here, too, if you desire.
What community norms did you witness?
What were key themes you pulled out? Did anything surprise you?
What do experts say about this site? Use your secondary research (library sources, Internet finds, etc.) in this part.
What do you conclude about the site you chose to observe? Was there anything you expected to see but did not? What does a reader need to know to understand your work better? Your conclusion may include any combination of these:
Final, wrap-up thoughts.
Limitations: What you were unable to accomplish because of the short time spent, the rather casual nature of the assignment (compared to long-term ethnographies), the lack of research on this topic, or maybe something else. What would more time accomplish for anyone wanting to take on such work in the future?
Recommendations: These might be for the community, the site, policy-makers, or future researchers. I’d
Put anything you have cited on your Works Cited page, in MLA format (APA format is fine, too, if you prefer). Is everything you have quoted from or referred to on this page?

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