a qualitative research on condom use among college students ages 18-24 years old

Research Proposal:

  • Explain/support every decision you make about your research proposal

using the material learned in class and/or read in the required book.

  • Briefly summarize in 2-3 pages the past research on the topic; what is it known on the topic, and what suggested future research did you identify in your articles? In 2-3 sentences, describe the purpose of your research and how does it fit in the body of the literature that you have just discussed.

Research Aims:
use the research topic assignment to describe the aims of your proposal. What
are you proposing to accomplish?
Research Methods

  • In 2-3 paragraphs describe the population of interest for your research; why is this population relevant to your topic, what indicators can you report here to support your claims for the need to conduct research on your specific topic with your population of interest?


  • will you sample your population, if so what technique will you use and why; describe the sampling process in detail. What is your targeted sample size?

Data Sources:
what sources of data will you use? Will you collect new data or will you use
existing data or both? How will you recruit research participants? Will you secure an informed research consent?
Data Items:
What questions will you pose to your research participants? If this is a survey research, create a survey; if it is qualitative research develop an interview guide; if it is mixed, develop a survey and an interview guide.
Research Design:
what research design is most appropriate for your research aims? Is this a
quantitative, qualitative or mixed-methods research? Describe the research design in detail, discuss its strengths and limitations. Describe your research implementation process, include a description of the data collection at every point during the process. You can include here the research plan/timeline.
Data Analyses:
propose a data analysis plan using descriptive and inferential data analysis
Reporting and Dissemination:

  • What types of reports will you produce during the life of the

research project, how often will you report results. What will be the benefit for those reading about your research? What are the implications for practice or policy?

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