Access, Quality, and Cost-Effective Care

Access, Quality, and Cost-Effective Care
Access, Quality, and Cost-Effective Care Scoring Guide.
Writing Feedback Tool.
For this assignment, submit a paper of 2–3 pages that answers the following questions:
What role does quality measurement play in assessing the performance of health plans and in assessing the impact of price competition?
Would you join a health plan simply because it had the lowest cost, without any information on quality? Why or why not?
Referring to what you learned in your required and optional readings:
Should we, as a society, rely on individual choice of high-quality providers?
Should our decisions be based on publicly available report cards to improve health care quality?
Should we rely on institutions (for example, government agencies) to mandate and enforce minimum quality standards? Why or why not?
How do access, quality, and cost-effective care come together for the benefit of patients? Physicians and providers? Hospitals? Society?

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