According to Feenstra (2011):Social psychologists investigate how we viewourselv

According to Feenstra (2011):Social psychologists investigate how we viewourselves and others how we interact with others how we influenceothers andhow we act when we are part of a group. Given the amount of timeeach of usspends thinking about and interacting with the people we encounterevery daymuch of our lives are spent with the subject matter of socialpsychology.(p.22)This is a formal research paper and must be eight toten pages in length. Imagine that this paper will be used asa reference forindividuals who are completely unfamiliar with social psychologyprinciples.This paper will provide them with an overview of the field andexplain the keyprinciples associated with its practice.Include the following componentsin your research paper: 1. Discovering the Self How doweperceive ourselves and our interactions with others?