Addiction Professional and Client Characteristics

Addiction Professional and Client Characteristics
Referring to the unit readings and Tables 7.1 and 7.2, compare the generic characteristics of counseling with respect to culture, class, and language, with Native American characteristics in terms of culture, class, and language. Which characteristics most closely reflect your culture, class, and language?
Refer to Chapter 15 and at least one of the recommended readings and consider the types of mental health concerns you may be likely to encounter in counseling a Native American client, couple, family, or group (for example, the impact of educational disparities on career development). Address the following:
How would your approach reflect your understanding of your own characteristics and those of your client or clients?
How would the impact of historical and current oppression be important to your work?
Discuss the implications of the client’s characteristics and concerns on your counseling and advocacy strategies in terms of problem assessment, goal setting, and interventions that take into account individual, couple, family, and tribal considerations.
Note: This is a graded discussion question. Your instructor will grade your discussion using the Scoring Guide accessed in the Resources and your grade will appear in the courseroom gradebook. You are still responsible for posting two substantial peer responses to other learners’ discussions.
Response Guidelines
Read the post of your fellow learners and prepare response postings to at least two of your peers. Identify a characteristic or concern of diverse populations discussed by a peer that would be important to consider in counseling and advocacy that you did not consider. Share a characteristic or concern that you identified that would expand the perspective of a peer.

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