Adsorption and Membrane Processes

Please find attached a copy of the questions of the essay. NB!! Answer all of them (Q1 AND Q2). Please follow all the instructions in the attached files and make sure that all the requirements stated on the assignment 1 file are met.
Page 1 of 1 ENGR 3447 – Adsorption and Membrane Processes Assignment 1 – January 28th, 2016 Dr J A Scott ( 1) Activated clays are generally used for one-off applications to adsorb organic substances (i.e., the adsorbent is not recycled). What is it about them that make them suitable for this type of application? Describe two examples, other than cat litter, of their use as an adsorber in products utilized in environmental protection and/or clean-up. 2) Zeolites are used to adsorb a wide range of solutes from vapour and gas streams. What is it about their structure that makes them suitable for selective adsorption? Describe why and how they are used in one industrial process or product. If the used (spent) zeolite is regenerated for reuse, describe how it is, but if not, discuss why not. Your report should be fully referenced within the text, including any pictures or diagrams used. It should start with the Title and then an Abstract (no more than 8 lines). These should be followed by an Introduction and then Sections that cover all the above requirements. Finally, include a Conclusion section that provides an overall discussion of the key points arising from the entire report. The Conclusions should be no more than one page. Also make sure you include at the end of the report a list of all References used in the text. For a guide on how to use references in the text and compile a reference list, refer to the separate Assignment Guidelines loaded up on D2L. On-line encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia, are not acceptable as a reference – you must quote the original source (e.g., journal article, book, technical report, company website etc.). Any blatant copying of other work, such as cutting and pasting of text from web pages, will be penalized. Late submissions will be also penalized. Please place a hard (paper) copy of your report in my mail slot in the Engineering School Office, on or before Monday 22nd February 2016. Soft copies (e.g., email attachments) cannot be accepted. This assignment is worth up to 30% of the overall course assessment
j.a.scott Assignment Guidelines Hard copies of assignments must be handed in on time to avoid penalties Plagiarism Any plagiarism found in your submissions will result in a minimum reduction of 30% in the grade for the assignment. Referencing All references must appear in both the body of the submission and the reference list at the end of the paper. Referencing example: Waste heat from a nickel smelter can be repurposed to heat microalgae ponds for yearround production of biodiesel. Heat in the SO2-laden roaster off-gas can be captured using a heat exchanger (Exchanger Industries, 2014). Due to the off-gas’s elevated temperatures, the presence of particulate matter and the concentration of SO2, the capture efficiency is likely to be around 60% (Stehlík*, 2011). With an approximate offgas heat capacity of 1007 J kg-1 °C-1 (Ghoshdastidar*, 2004), for every degree centigrade drop each kilogram of off-gas will contribute approximately 600 J of energy. * If two authors list both last names (e.g., Smith and Jones, 2015) and if more than two authors, reference using the first author followed by et al. (e.g., Scott et al., 2015) Reference list at the end of the assignment: Journal Author(s) last name followed by their initial(s) Year of publication. Article title. Journal (issue):(page numbers). StehlÍk P. (2011). Conventional versus specific types of heat exchangers in the case of polluted flue gas as the process fluid – A review. Applied Thermal Engineering. 31:1-13. Book Author(s) last name followed by their initial(s) Year of publication. Book title. Publisher, Publisher’s location. Page(s) referenced. Ghoshdastidar P.S. (2004). Heat Transfer. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. p. 637. Website Company/organization name. Year looked at. Webpage title. Specific date looked at (accessed). Webpage address Exchanger Industries (2014). Products – Shell and Tube. Accessed: August 25, 2014.

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