ALL ANSWERS NEED TO BE CORRECT Threats of foreign invasion can serve to expand

Threats of foreign invasion can serve to expand

Threats of foreign invasion can serve to expand a state’s authority by creating larger state bureaucracies and increasing tax revenues.
Question 1 options:True
Question 2 (0.75 points)
SavedQuestion 2 options:________ conflict occurs when there is a significant power imbalance between the two sides.
Question 3 (2.475 points)

The ability of a government’s military to both protect its people and use its power for unfair or unjust purposes is known as the ________ dilemma.
Question 3 options:
Question 4 (2.475 points)

State policies designed to respond to and prevent terrorist attacks can be best described as forms of ________
Question 4 options:
Question 5 (2.475 points)

A state recently won its independence when a peace treaty was signed after a long interstate war. The international community can best legitimize the state’s newfound political freedom by ________
Question 5 options:
formally approving the peace treaty.
requiring the state’s citizens to validate the treaty through an election.
pressuring it to install a democratic regime.
sending military forces to fight predation efforts in the state.
Question 6 (2.475 points)

Leaders of a terrorist organization know that they need to recruit new members to help fight for their political cause. They coordinate an attack against a government agency to draw attention to their demands and to win over additional followers. This attack can be best described as ________ terrorism.
Question 6 options:
Question 7 (2.475 points)

The citizens in the fictional state of Koth often feel unsafe when going to the public market due to the corrupt police force employed by the state. Members of the force often demand payments from citizens to ensure they are kept safe. Citizens who refuse to pay may be beaten or wrongly imprisoned. The scenario can be best described as a form of ________
Question 7 options:
a coercive problem.
a protection service.
Question 8 (0.75 points)
SavedQuestion 8 options:The ________ occurs when political and military efforts of one government to enhance its security simultaneously threaten other governments
Question 9 (2.475 points)

Koren is part of a law enforcement team tasked with monitoring the communications of suspected terrorist operatives in her home country. Her objective is to analyze and share crucial intelligence with her leaders to help prevent terrorist attacks. Koren’s role can be best described as a form of ________
Question 9 options:
transnational security.
deterrence by denial.
domestic surveillance.
asymmetrical conflict.
Question 10 (0.75 points)
Question 10 options:Individuals and groups confer ________ on the holders of authority when they broadly approve of their rights to create and enforce rules that govern a society, with the use of force if necessary.
Question 11 (2.475 points)

A coalition of states has invaded a small state with the intent of gaining control over valuable mines within the state’s borders. The coalition’s actions can be best described as a violation of the small state’s ________
Question 11 options:
Question 12 (2.475 points)

A coalition that includes various state leaders and representatives from international organizations is building a series of laws regarding human rights in the international system. Their goal is to clearly define what is acceptable and what is not, to ensure that potential violations can be dealt with in a consistent manner. These laws and the patterns of behavior they create can best be described as a(n) ________
Question 12 options:
Question 13 (2.475 points)

State leaders are meeting to discuss how they might best consolidate political support from the state’s citizens. They hope to build new bureaucracies and increase the state’s administrative capacity. How might they best be able to achieve their goal?
Question 13 options:
by using the threat of foreign invasion
by limiting the military’s authority
by fomenting domestic revolution
by providing tax breaks to its citizens
Question 14 (2.475 points)

Which of the following best demonstrates an example of provocation by a terrorist organization?
Question 14 options:
An independent suicide bomber struck citizens leaving a mosque to gain support for her religious beliefs.
Al-Qaeda attacked the United States on 9/11 with the intent of spurring a drawn-out military intervention.
A Taliban terrorist cell struck a busy marketplace to recruit new followers to their cause.
ISIS destroyed an iconic temple in Syria to eliminate the state’s cultural heritage.
Question 15 (1.5 points)

The vast majority of attacks perpetrated by terrorist organizations are against targets located close to their home base.
Question 15 options:True
Question 16 (1.5 points)

The violent revision of territorial borders through war alters the composition of states but does not violate the rules and norms associated with sovereignty
Question 16 options:True
Question 17 (2.475 points)

Elgin runs his own business and is frustrated when he sees his annual tax bill. After researching the relevant tax laws, Elgin learns that he will have to pay the taxes or the IRS will have the right to fine or imprison him. Elgin ends up paying his taxes because he recognizes the IRS as a source of ________
Question 17 options:
Question 18 (2.475 points)

) Eric is inspired by a radical extremist group he follows online. On his own, he plans and executes an attack designed to bring more attention to the group’s cause. This scenario can be best described as a ________ attack.
Question 18 options:
lone wolf
Question 19 (2.475 points)

Since 2001, the majority of terrorist attacks and casualties have tended to occur in places like ________
Question 19 options:
Nigeria and Afghanistan.
Germany and the United Kingdom.
Guatemala and Nicaragua.
Canada and the United States.
Question 20 (2.475 points)

A terrorist organization has been staging attacks against civilian targets in a state in an attempt to force their government into removing foreign troops located inside the country. State leaders, who had been considering the removal of the troops, announce that the foreign troops will stay as long as the attacks continue. The state’s actions in this example can be best described as a form of ________
Question 20 options:
deterrence by denial.
deterrence by retribution.
Question 21 (2.475 points)

Which of the following best demonstrates a means by which a government might expand its authority and its coercive capabilities relative to its citizens?
Question 21 options:
by decreasing taxes levied against its citizens
by allowing its citizens to express political opposition and dissent
by exploiting the foreign threats associated with war to justify new restrictions on civil liberties
by avoiding the use of conscription when building up the military
Question 22 (2.475 points)

Citizens generally recognize a police officer’s ability to enforce applicable laws, with the use of force when applicable. This public acceptance demonstrates the concept of ________
Question 22 options:
Question 23 (1.5 points)

The “terrorist’s dilemma” reflects the strategic use of violent attacks to signal a willingness to pay a higher price than a competing terrorist group.
Question 23 options:True
Question 24 (2.475 points)

A terrorist cell is meeting to coordinate an attack and are working through the “terrorist’s dilemma.” Which of the following best describes an issue they are facing?
Question 24 options:
They are losing support to a rival organization made up of former members.
They are concerned about drawing the attention of lone wolves in the area.
They are having difficulties coordinating an attack that highlights their cause without alienating the entire public.
They are struggling to acquire the funds needed for their attack.
Question 25 (2.475 points)

A small terrorist organization has been waging attacks against a state for the past year. At a meeting to discuss their next attack, members of the organization suggest a coordinated attack against the state’s military. The organization’s leader disagrees because he believes the military is too strong to attack head-on. Instead, he advocates a series of small strikes against strategic civilian targets. The leader’s plan in this scenario best demonstrates the concept of ________
Question 25 options:
asymmetrical conflict.
demonstrative terrorism.
Question 26 (2.475 points)

A group of citizens with military experience have formed a group aimed at gaining religious freedom in their home country. They plot to detonate explosive devices in a populated part of a significant population area to provoke fear and draw attention to their goal. This scenario can be best described as an act of ________
Question 26 options:
Question 27 (2.475 points)

An authoritarian government would most likely be able to increase wartime support by ________
Question 27 options:
increasing tariffs on domestic imports.
agreeing to democratic elections after the war.
implementing a voluntary enlistment process during the war.
allowing open expressions of political dissent.
Question 28 (0.75 points)
Question 28 options:A(n) ________ strategy seeks to keep terrorists from attacking by threatening to deny highly sought-after benefits if they strike.
Question 29 (0.75 points)
Question 29 options:________ is the use or threatened use of violence against noncombatants in pursuit of a political aim.
Question 30 (0.75 points)
Question 30 options:The violent redistribution of resources among individuals or groups is sometimes referred to as ________.

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