AMA Health Literacy Video

1) If you were orienting a new co-worker who has never worked in a healthcare environment, what would be the one (only one) bit of advice or tidbit of information you would share about communicating as a health care worker? Why did you think your choice is important?
we will talk about the video on the LAA page “AMA Health Literacy Video”. Let’s discuss the following using supporting evidence from the readings or your past course readings.
Characters in the video, so you can refer to them by name:
Mrs. Tilsley
Mr. Toussaint
Mother of 4-year-old
Mr. Dallas
Mr. Day
Medicine box lady
Mr. Bell
Mrs. Cordell-Seiple
2) In the case of Mrs. Cordell-Seiple:
a) What and where were the breakdowns in communication that allowed this unfortunate situation to occur?
b)Think about the health care workers Mrs. Cordell-Seiple encountered throughout the experience she described. What would you recommend to those health care workers to prevent future occurrences like this?
What legal or regulatory implications does this case have? What might be the consequences?
Because of cultural differences in background/beliefs/values there are key practices to keep in mind when instructing an individual on health information. Choose one key practice for communicating that you observed in the videos this week and one individual from the AMA Health Literacy video and discuss how that practice would be helpful to that particular individual.
3) Discuss why you think your chosen strategy will improve communication with that individual? What barriers to communication need to be overcome? How will the patient outcome be improved?

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