American Revolution

Assignment Instructions
Using evidence from the the four historical documents provided on the following pages, answer the question, “Did non-Protestants and religious dissenters benefit from the American Revolution?”
Your essay should discuss the various ways in which the American Revolution affected the lives of individuals who did not belong to the dominant Protestant Christian church of the state in which they lived. For example, what types of political freedoms did Jewish individuals have following the American Revolution? What about Catholics?
Your essay must contain a thesis statement. For example, “This paper will argue that non-Protestants and religious dissenters did (or did not) benefit from the American Revolution because…”
Paper Details:
2-3 pages in length
one-inch margins
DO NOT put an extra space between paragraphs
Times New Roman, 12 pt. font
Proof read your paper for errors
Use past tense
Any evidence of plagiarism or cheating of any kind will result in a “0” for the assignment
Submission Details:
When you submit your paper to Canvas within the Week 16 Module please identify your degree program (AA, AS or AAT) in the upper-right corner of the first page of your submitted work. Do not include your name, my name, or the class section. In other words, when I print out your papers I do not want to see anything but your degree in the right hand corner of the paper.
Document 1: Petition of the Philadelphia Synagogue
In addition to questions concerning freedom of worship, new American governments also had to deal with the issue of political rights for dissenting Protestants and non-Protestants. Pennsylvania’s 1776 constitution imposed no religious test on voting; every adult male taxpayer was entitled to vote. It did, however, require office-holders to acknowledge the divine inspiration of the Christian Bible. In 1783, a number of Jews living in Philadelphia objected to the provision and submitted the petition below to state officials.
[Petition of the Philadelphia Synagogue to Council of Censors of Pennsylvania, December 23, 1783:]
The Memorial of Rabbi Ger. Seixas of the Synagogue of the Jews at Philadelphia, Simon Nathan their Parnass or President, Asher Myers, Bernard Gratz and Haym Salomon the Mahamad, or Associates of their council in behalf of themselves and their brethren Jews, residing in Pennsylvania,
Most respectfully showeth,

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