Analysis of Privacy Laws and Business Implications Overview In Project One, you

Analysis of Privacy Laws and Business Implications
In Project One, you

Analysis of Privacy Laws and Business Implications
In Project One, you will take on the role of a stakeholder in a business on the forefront of a privacy issue. In that project, you will articulate a point of view that reflects your professional stance on privacy, the laws and regulations relevant to the issue, and the business implications of your recommendation. For this milestone, you will begin to investigate two of the key facets that will factor into your position: regulations and business implications.
Your instructor will provide a scenario. This scenario will contain the following information:
Background about an organization, including draft versions of the organization’s privacy statement
General market analysis
The specific proposal being addressed in the projects for this course
Based on this information, you will contrast requirements driven by internal policy with those governed by external, legal regulations. Additionally, you will be assessing how ethics and business goals influence the approach to privacy.
To complete this assignment, first download the Project One Milestone Template from the Project One Milestone assignment in Module Three of your course. In the template, complete the requirements table for Section I, and answer the short-response questions for Section II. Specifically, you must address the critical elements listed below.
Analysis of Requirements
The documentation included with the scenario contains a draft version of the organization’s privacy statement based on fair information practice principles. Complete the requirements table in the template by selecting three of the principles addressed in the privacy statement. (Note that in Project One, you may elect to discuss additional or alternative principles and privacy laws than those you select for this assignment.) For each selected principle, address the following:
Explain how at least one privacy law is associated with the principle.
Evaluate the level of compliance with the applicable privacy law or laws. Explain how the organization’s approach to the principle meets, exceeds, or does not meet the requirements set forth in the law or laws.
Describe at least one safeguard that should be in place to ensure compliance with the principle or law.
Business Implications
The scenario includes background information on the organization and general market analysis related to the proposal. As you are an executive-level employee, there is an expectation that your advice to leadership will be guided by the company’s mission statement and values, the profitability and market success of its products, and your expertise in your field. In Project One, your recommendation will need to balance all of these factors; however, for this assignment, you will focus only on the business aspects.
Discuss the role of ethics as a business driver in this decision. How do the organizational values (as an ethical stance) align to the decision? What responsibility does the organization have pertaining to privacy?
Discuss how your personal ethical stance aligns to the decision. How did you apply an ethical framework or decision strategy to inform your position?
What would you recommend the company do? Describe how you came to this decision. How did you balance differences between the organizational ethics and your own personal ethics?
1. Children Online Privacy Protection Act
2. Childrens Internet Protection Act
3. Family Educational Rightd and Privacy Act

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