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15 Slide Power Point (Jamison Children Center) Describe the Jamison Children’s Center, including its mission and vision. Complete a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis. Complete an environmental scan of competitors, community capacity, and need for services provided by the organization. Determine competitors by interviewing one of the following within the organization your group selected: director, chief executive officer, donors, or volunteers. Be sure to select an individual who is an integral part of the organization. Interview donors or volunteers from at least three of the your organization’s competitors Describe information about services that competitor organizations offer. Complete a gap analysis to demonstrate existing gaps in service. Create a comparative table using Microsoft Excel or equivalent that illustrates the similarities and differences among the organizations (services, policies, clientele, etc.). Include in your table the values, mission, and vision of each competitor organization. Based on your analysis, explain the gap in services that exists for your Final Project organization. Construct the strategic plan. Outline a strategic plan that is beyond the scope of the organization’s current strategic plan. Identify four to five strategic goals of the organization. Explain strategies to carry out the strategic goals you identified. Identify and explain performance milestones based on the strategic goals set. Explain metrics (measure of success and how you measure success). Complete stakeholder needs assessment. Coordinate with your group and identify two stakeholders related to your Final Project organization. Develop a survey of five questions for each stakeholder to identify and assess stakeholder needs.
4-page executive summary that will include all resources and explanatory notes, formatted in APA style.

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