Apple_Metro_C&Carry – GSCM

Attached …. ……… Using the below study cases (1,2) in Global supply chain management for the report Study Case A: Apple INC: Managing A Global Supply Chain 9B14D005 Study case B METRO Cash & Carry Entering the Ukraine Case-study Reference no-607-002-1 Answer the following question 5- How does Apple’s supply chain compare with Metro’s supply chain? How are they different and how are they similar? For instructions please refer to the brief. Please answer question 5 Requirements Individual Assignment: • Your report is to be no more than 3 pages (excluding cover page), not including diagrams, appendices, reference list etc. Any pages beyond page 3 shall not be corrected or included for grading. As such, be sure that your report is concise, whilst also being comprehensive in addressing what is asked of you.