Artistic theme:

Artistic theme:
If you are artistic consider using your talent to glorify bugs.  This can be oil or water color paintings, pen/ink/graphite drawings, sculptures, textiles, robotics, or other original pieces.    Unless an acceptable explanation is provided in the attached written statement, your depictions must be biologically accurate, that is, spiders must have eight legs.  Artwork must exhibit sufficient level of rigor – this can be accomplished by:
•    Making your work very detailed (if you are modeling it after an actual species then you can try to accurately depict detail like wing veins, color or texture patterns, etc.
•    Consider incorporating a “natural history” theme…Natural history plates were common beginning in the Renaissance period and provided a comprehensive Biology lesson in the form of artwork.
•    Research an insect, or other arthropod, that is not particularly common, as the subject of your artwork
•    Quantity:  while size may be a factor in the rigor component, size without other artistic qualities is not a sufficient measure.  Multiple pieces of art may be submitted as one project but they need to have a unifying theme.  Each piece of artwork should have the student’s name and the semester/year that they took ENTO 2003 displayed on the piece.  A brief explanation of the piece should be attached either on the back or in some fashion to the artwork.
NOTE: Remember that all of your originals will become the property of the Entomology Department (and will hopefully be exhibited for all future NRC visitors to see)
When creating an artistic piece keep in mind objective #4 (Your project should reflect , in some way, your increased awareness of and knowledge about insects, as a result of having taken this class).  For this assignment you should avoid artwork that is very abstract in nature as it is difficult to decipher the entomology concepts being depicted.

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