As we begin to understanding healthy eating and nutrition, it is important to un

As we begin to understanding healthy eating and nutrition, it is important to understand where you are currently and what your caloric needs are based upon your weight goals. Assessment 8 is a series of personal assessments that should help you set some healthy goals. Below the links are examples of what your submission should look like.
BMI Calculator
Fat Intake Calculator
Carbohydrate Calculator
Protein Calculator
BMI = 33.9 kg/m2 (Obese Class I)
Fat Intake Calculator
GoalDaily Calorie AllowanceDaily Fat Allowance (20-35%)*Saturated Fat Allowance (10%)*Saturated Fat Allowance to Help Reduce Heart Disease (7%)*
Weight Maintenance2,684 Calories61 – 107 grams<30 grams<21 grams Lose 1 lb/week2,184 Calories50 - 87 grams<25 grams<17 grams Lose 2 lb/week1,684 Calories38 - 67 grams<19 grams<13 grams Gain 1 lb/week3,184 Calories72 - 127 grams<36 grams<25 grams Gain 2 lb/week3,684 Calories84 - 147 grams<42 grams<29 grams Carb result Carbohydrate Calculator The Carb Calculator estimates the percentage of carbohydrates a person should consume each day. Result It is recommended that carbohydrates comprise 40-75% of daily caloric intake. GoalDaily Calorie Allowance40%*55%*65%*75%* Weight Maintenance2,684 Calories286 grams (10.10 Oz) (0.631 lb)394 grams (13.88 Oz) (0.868 lb)465 grams (16.41 Oz) (1.026 lb)537 grams (18.93 Oz) (1.183 lb) Lose 1 lb/week2,184 Calories233 grams (8.22 Oz) (0.514 lb)320 grams (11.30 Oz) (0.706 lb)378 grams (13.35 Oz) (0.834 lb)437 grams (15.41 Oz) (0.963 lb) Lose 2 lb/week1,684 Calories180 grams (6.33 Oz) (0.396 lb)247 grams (8.71 Oz) (0.544 lb)292 grams (10.29 Oz) (0.643 lb)337 grams (11.88 Oz) (0.742 lb) Gain 1 lb/week3,184 Calories340 grams (11.98 Oz) (0.749 lb)467 grams (16.47 Oz) (1.029 lb)552 grams (19.47 Oz) (1.217 lb)637 grams (22.46 Oz) (1.404 lb) Gain 2 lb/week3,684 Calories393 grams (13.86 Oz) (0.866 lb)540 grams (19.06 Oz) (1.191 lb)638 grams (22.52 Oz) (1.408 lb)737 grams (25.99 Oz) (1.624 lb) Protein result Protein Calculator Result Based on given information, the following are the basic protein intake recommendations from multiple authoritative institutions: American Dietetic Association (ADA): at least 107 - 193 grams/day. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): 65 - 229 grams/day (10-35% of daily caloric intake). World Health Organization safe lower limit: 89 grams/day.

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