UNIT NAME Introduction to the Australian Legal System
UNIT NO. 700216/900083 YEAR/TERM 2018.1


WEIGHTING 25% NO. OF PAGES (including cover sheet) 4
TURNITIN: Midnight, Friday 4th of May 2018
No other form of submission is required


§  Define and use key legal terminology appropriately
§  Describe the structure and operation of the law making institutions in Australia
§  Locate, select, organise, analyse and synthesise legal information from a variety of sources including texts, media reports and case reports
§  Produce written text to explain, argue, discuss and report


·        Students will attend a court in the NSW court system and prepare a report answering the questions outlined in this task. Students are to supplement their report with theory learned in the classroom.
·        The case viewed must be a CRIMINAL case, under NSW legislation.
·        The court visit will be self-guided and must take place after 3rd April 2018.
·        Students must not report on a court case which involves either themselves or a family member/friend.
·        Reports on cases which fall outside the NSW court system will not be accepted.
·        Reports on cases which a student has not personally attended will not be accepted.
·        Assistance in locating a suitable court case can be found in the online registry of court listings at:
·        A number of court sessions will be running at any one time in the court complex. Choose a case from which you can obtain the most useful information such as a HEARING.
·        You must be at court at 9.30am on a week day as proceedings start on time. If you have any questions regarding which court rooms criminal matters are being heard, ask the Court Registry office inside the Court house.
·        This task must be submitted electronically, through TURNITIN by the date indicated on the front cover of the task.
·        Failure to do so will attract a  10% PENALTY PER DAY
·        The task must be accompanied by a signed, dated WSU cover sheet which should be generated electronically.  This sheet contains a declaration signed by the student verifying the source of their work.
·        Failure to submit the cover sheet will attract a 10% PENALTY.
·        Students should refer to the vuws website for the marking criteria applicable to this task.
Students are to set out their report in the following manner:
1.    The report is a formal business report. It should be set out with the following headings:
o   Title page
o   Contents page (with section headings and page numbers)
o   Introduction
o   Case content
o   Technical content
o   Observations
o   Conclusion
o   Bibliography
2.    The report must be written in formal academic English with NO dot point responses
3.    The report should answer all questions outlined in this task.
4.    The report should be 1500 words in length (not including the bibliography) and should display correct Harvard style referencing. In text referencing should be correctly displayed.
5.    A 10 or 12 font only should be used with at least 1.5 spacing.
6.    A guide to Harvard Referencing can be found on the WSU website:


Students are to address the following questions in their report:
a)    Under the heading of INTRODUCTION:
Write an introduction which addresses the purpose of the task and what you have viewed in court. Do not put into your introduction any details concerning the facts of the case.
b)   Under the heading of CASE CONTENT:
Using full sentences write a description of the case addressing the following:
o   State the names of the court, the Presiding officer (Judge or Magistrate’s name) and the defendant/accused and the date of your visit.
o   Correctly identify the offence in the court case
o   Correctly name the section and Act containing the offence charged (Legislation:
o   Correctly identify the nature of the case ie. Is it a sentence, summary hearing, trial, appeal etc
o   Correctly identify whether the defendant/ accused has pleaded guilty/not guilty
o   Correctly identify whether the defendant/accused is legally represented
o   Give an accurate description of what happened in the matter- this is known as the “short facts” of the case
o   Correctly identify the outcome of the case
Students should demonstrate their understanding of the NSW court      
system and criminal law theory in this section
c)    Under the heading of TECHNICAL CONTENT:
Using full sentences answer the following questions about your court case:
o   Identify the personnel you observed in the court room. Describe the role of each of them in the court room.
o   Describe the behaviour, appearance and language used by the LEGAL PERSONNEL ONLY in the courtroom.
                    Students should demonstrate their understanding of the NSW 
                    court  system and criminal law theory in this section
d)    Under the heading of OBSERVATIONS:
Using full sentences answer the following question:
o   Did your court room experience match your understanding of the theory of criminal law and the operation of the court system?
           Students should demonstrate their understanding of the NSW 
           court  system and criminal law theory in this section
e)    Under the heading CONCLUSION:
Using full sentences write a short conclusion which sums up the findings of your report.
f)     Under the heading BIBIOGRAPHY:
List the sources used in your report utilising correct Harvard referencing. A guide to Harvard Referencing can be found here: Remember to use only sources which relate to the NSW court system.


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