Assessment Task 2 Out of Class – Individual Assignment

Assessment Task 2 Out of Class – Individual Assignment
Type of Assessment Individual Reflective Report
Description of Task A critical self-reflection report of the various TQM principles learned from the course (The report should reflect at least 3 aspects learned)
1. Continuous improvement
2. Six Sigma
3. Employee empowerment
4. Benchmarking
5. Just-in-time (JIT)
6.Taguchi concepts
7. Knowledge of TQM tools
Paper instructions
Each student is required to write a critical reflective report on the aspects learned in the course. The process of reflection helps you to understand the competences and in some cases to recognize the competences that you already have.
This will be a series of reflections (at least 3 aspects) that you felt is important at your day to day work or for your organization or for organization that you know.
Word limit 1500 – 2000 Max. words

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