Assignment 1**Pay attention to the Assignment Grading Rubric found in the Assign

Assignment 1**Pay attention to the Assignment Grading Rubric found in the Assignment Resources folder in Getting Started section.**
Answer the following assigned question based on the topics from Week 1 (Module 1):
Topic Question: Do information systems affect the performance of organizations? How?
Please pay attention to the Assignment Grading Rubric:Note: Regarding Assignment 1, please incorporate “1 or more” external sources for the question answered for full points.
For external sources you may use and search within your LSUS online library. Go to the LSUS Library at
Minimum 500 words needed for your assignment that applies to your grade on word count (review Assignment Grading Rubric)
Please refer to the syllabus regarding the use of AI.
Turnitin Requirements:For each assignment, your similarity score must meet a threshold of no more than 20%.
Assignments with greater than 20% similarity must be revised and resubmitted to Turnitin until the 20% or less threshold is achieved and free of AI.
For re-submissions, it may take up to 24 hours for a new similarity score.
When including your references and citation, make sure to list them at the end of your paper/assignment and include the title References. Dont list/include your refrences after every question answered. This helps from TurnItIn being triggered.
It is your responsibility to allow enough time to receive a Turnitin similarity score report.
Assignments with more than 20% threshold will receive a zero.

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