Assignment: Apply a Process Model to a Decision and a Problem Purpose of the Ass

Assignment: Apply a Process Model to a Decision and a Problem
Purpose of the Ass

Assignment: Apply a Process Model to a Decision and a Problem
Purpose of the Assignment
The purpose of this assignment is to apply a model to decision-making and problem-solving in order to arrive at a solution or choice with objectivity and clarity.
Assignment Instructions
Your assignment is to apply the Decision-Making Worksheet questions to make a decision related to the decision scenario below. You will also apply the Problem-Solving Worksheet to solve the problem in the problem scenario below.
You are expected to submit the completed worksheets for both scenarios at the end of the week. Feel free to add any personal ideas, not just those of the class. Remember, your conclusions should be supported by the course material and discussion ideas. They should also have APA citations and references.
Remember, this is not about the decision or solution itself! Focus on how to apply the models. Follow the steps using facts and course readings to guide you.
Decision Scenario
You are a salesperson for Jiffy Office Supplies. You and three other people (your team) just sealed a deal with the company’s major client, Acme Printing, but the deal hasn’t been signed yet. The new agreement would bring Acme’s total sales for Jiffy to $20,000 per week.
It is 6:30 on Friday evening and your phone rings. The caller, Jasmine Bly, is the purchasing agent for Acme. It seems that a recent deal on Jiffy’s end has tripled its need for spiral-bound tablets. This deal would raise the sales for Jiffy to $30,000 per week. You are excited, but there are a few facts that nag at you. First, Acme has a credit limit with the company of $1,000,000 and they are not always timely with their payments. Second, this sale would constitute more than one-third of Jiffy’s sales. That would place Acme in a bind if Jiffy left or demanded pricing below cost. Worse yet, Bly intimated that if Jiffy did not agree to the addition, she would look elsewhere to fill the need. You know that Bly is a great negotiator and she may not mean what she said.
In the competitive world of office supplies, failing to produce on a small point could lose the whole contract. You are empowered to make this decision, but you’re not sure about the best way to go—accept the offer of the additional sales to prevent Bly from looking at a competitor, or put her off until Monday so that you can get together with your team and make the decision as a group? How do you go about making the decision?
Problem Scenario
ICA is a division of the Rainbow Paint Company. Each year, they have a strategic planning meeting that last two days and hosts employees from all over the country. Planning for the meeting begins at least two months before the date and is often handled by one of the company’s general managers. This year, the meeting is being held at your location in Boulder, Colorado. As general manager, you have been making all the plans. You have had to move the date twice because of two major conflicts. You settled on the one date when everyone could attend. Unfortunately, it is also a week when a major ski manufacturing convention is in town, putting hotels, restaurants, and meeting space at a premium and straining the budget.
Boulder is the smallest plant operation of ICA and has one conference room. You have used every inch of space planning for the exact number of people and their electronic needs. Today is the first day of the conference. After the greetings and the first presentation, the unthinkable happens. The ceiling in the conference room bursts open and water starts flowing down in torrents. It covers the electronics, people, and paperwork in the room before it can be stopped. Rainbow wants the strategic planning done and this is the only time everyone can meet. How do you go about solving the problem?
Due on Apr 2, 2024 11:59 PM

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