Assignment Overview: This assignment will help you become familiar with the basi

Assignment Overview:
This assignment will help you become familiar with the basi

Assignment Overview:
This assignment will help you become familiar with the basic elements of the Code of Ethics that both engineering students and graduate engineers are expected use to guide their academic and professional lives.
The assignment will focus on reviewing case studies based on real-world scenarios and reflecting on ethical considerations informed by two Codes of Engineering Ethics: the code developed by the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), and the code created by the world’s largest professional association, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).
You were provided a set of 4 cases studies. Although you should review all case studies, you will only reflect upon one case study (the same case study you used in part I and part II) to provide greater commentary/reflection upon.
Assignment Details:
For this part of the assignment, you will provide your perspective on your selected case study in Part I, informed by the PEO and/or IEEE Codes of Ethics.
We have provided a suggested word count for each section to help you understand the expectations for your responses. You should try to be close to these word counts, but there is no penalty for being a bit above or below these suggestions. You will submit your response (as indicated – paragraph or point form) to both sections in one .pdf document here in Quercus in order to facilitate the plagiarism review using Ouriginal. Citations to external references, the codes, etc. should be in IEEE format.
Question 1 – 200 Words – Point form
Indicate the case title you have selected, and indicate what the major ethical dilemmas are in your case.
Section 2 – 350 Words – Paragraph format
Review summaries of both the PEO and IEEE codes of ethics and answer the following the questions:
Why do you think engineers need a code of ethics?
Why do think multiple/different codes of ethics exist? Highlight similarities and potential differences between the PEO and IEEE codes of ethics in your answer.
Based on these Codes of Ethics, highlight one topic or area of interest that you’d want to learn more about (in terms of how to be an ethical engineer/person). Elaborate on why you are personally interested to learn more in that topic/area.
Section 3 – 300 Words – Paragraph Format
Section 3-A
In each case study, there are up to 3 types of characters in the scenario:
The “victim”: the individual(s) negatively impacted by the situation
The “wrongdoer”: the individual(s) whose actions/words negatively impacted the “victim”
The “witness”: the individuals(s) who observed the interaction between the “victim” and the “wrongdoer”
Based on the case you read, what you would do to resolve the situation? Answer this question by placing yourself in the position of either the “victim” or as a “witness” in the situation. Make sure you reference specific aspects of either the PEO or IEEE Code of Ethics as the basis for your recommended action.
Section 3-B
Imagine that the “wrongdoer” of the situation was a friend of yours. Imagine the scenario where you confront them about what they have done in this case. What do you think they would say to you? (Or how do you think they would justify their action?) How would you respond?

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