Benefits of Using Blended Learning in K-12 Education

Create a DRAFT of CHAPTER 1
The Following Must be included in Chapter 1 (Quick Overview)
-Write introduction to the study
-Problem Background
-Concise problem statement
-Purpose of the study
-Significance of the Study
-Theoretical Framework to guide the study
-Research questions
-Limitations and Delimitations
-Definition of Terms
1. Refine Research Questions that guide your study. (Create your research questions based upon whether your study will be a qualitative or quantitative study.)
2. Develop a Three Paragraph Introduction to the Study that situates the problem in a national, state and local context.
3. Develop a concisely worded Purpose of the Study Statement.
4. Develop a Significance of the Study Statement.
5. Develop the study’s Limitations and Delimitations.
6. Develop a Definition of Terms list of Four Operational terms relevant to your study. All definitions must be cited.

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