Blood PressureLab Write-up: Produce a lab write up for the body position activit

Blood PressureLab Write-up:
Produce a lab write up for the body position activit

Blood PressureLab Write-up:
Produce a lab write up for the body position activity of the Blood Pressure lab.
1. Complete a Results Section. Include at least one graph and a table. The graph should
have a descriptive title. Do not restate raw data. The table should give demographic data
of your test subjects and include calculated measures of central tendency (mean or
median) and some measure of spread (range, standard deviation, or standard error).
Your graph should show class averages of the blood pressure component or calculation in
your hypothesis. The independent variable should be clearly on the x axis and dependent
variable on the y axis. You should include a short narrative highlighting your data in this
You may include additional tables or graphs, but these will be in addition to not in place
of the required ones. All tables and graphs should summarize the data and include
labeled axis, descriptive titles, and a short narrative pointing out important data points.
You state the data, you don’t explain the data here.
2. Write a Summary Section. (4-5 paragraphs) Here is where you explain your data by
using information from your text, the lab handout (lab manual), or the baroreceptor video.
Cite your source using the style introduced in the previous lab writeup instructions.
Demonstrate you understand the underlying physiology by explaining how the blood
pressure component or calculated value is influenced by the independent variable. You
should clearly state your standardized variables (those conditions which were the same
for both groups).
Refer to your graph and point out any important data. If your results did not match your
expected results, write a paragraph suggesting one reason your results might have been
different from the expected results.
3. Prepare a References Cited section. Make sure to include all sources you cite in your
write up. Do not include sources you do not cite. You need to provide you reader with
enough information so they can find your sources. You should be consistent and
thorough. You need to cite your textbook and the lab manual. You may use the
baroreceptor or statistics websites in the module if you feel the need. Below are examples
for single authors, multiple authors, and websites:
Silverthorn, DU. 2019. Human Physiology: An Integrated Approach (8th Edition).
Pearson Publishing.
S. Caldwell, A. Didomenico, A. Shearer, and R. Botten. 2019. Laboratory Manual for
Human Physiology Grossmont College (8th Edition
Baroreflex Regulation of Blood PressureAnimation. Online. Alila Medical Media.
Available: . Updated October 1, 2
This lab report needs a hypothesis based on the information below:
Independent variable: Supine vs Seated
Dependent variable: Systolic Pressure
The lab data is linked which is what is needed to complete the lab.
I have also included pre lab information that can be cited if needed.

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