To complete this journal assignment, you will do the following tasks:
1.  You will read the primary source: “Boccaccio”
2.  You will evaluate the primary source by answering the following questions in two or three paragraphs:
a.  Who wrote this text?
b.  Who was the author’s intended audience?
c.  What was his purpose in writing the text? Think about audience and genre.
d.  What does this text tell you about the values and daily lives of Europeans living in the Renaissance?
e.  Do the ideas and values conveyed in the text differ from today? If so, in what ways?
3.  In a concluding paragraph, you will consider the value of fictional accounts for historical inquiry. How can fiction, mythology, poetry, and other non-historical sources be useful to a historian? What are some problems with using these types of sources?
Your answers to these prompts should be thorough and contain pertinent examples.  The journal assignment should a minimum of 500 words. Please cite any secondary sources you’ve used with Turabian/Chicago style. You may compose your assignment in either the submission text box in the journal assignment or via a Word document. If you type your journal assignment in MS Word, make sure you format it using one-inch margins and double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font. Include a works-cited page if necessary.

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