Business Administration

For the proposal, after your MLA heading, please submit the following: 1. Identify your major and briefly explain how writing about this topic might be beneficial for someone in that field (or identify if you have not yet declared a major or are a dual-enrolled student: remember that if this is the case, your topic must relate to an issue in education) 2. Your research question 3. Your tentative thesis 4. Answer all: “What, if any, prior beliefs, assumptions, preconceptions, ideas, or prejudices do you bring to this project? What personal experiences may have shaped the way you feel? What research have you conducted thus far? Before you began developing working knowledge on the topic, what were you thinking about it? What are you thinking about it now?” (Ballenger 46). (Keep in mind that in order to fully answer question #4, you must have first developed some working knowledge on your topic.