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The Business Project Proposal Feedback

Student Number:  1503 1461                                                                    Date: January 2016
Marker: Pam Seanor                                                                                      e:
Please note that achievement of the learning outcomes for this assessment is demonstrated against the assessment criteria.

Assessment Criteria The five-point scale below reflects the ratings on the marking grid
Critical evaluation of literature A          B          C          D          E
Case for methodology A          B          C          D          E
Clarity of problem definition and scope A          B          C          D          E
Limitations and planning A          B          C          D          E
Presentation A          B          C          D          E


Strengths of this assignment are: I can see that you have structured the proposal – however it appears that you did not address what was required in the sections. You discuss challenges [pp.3-4] and offer a model [p.5]; however, as reflected above, the study needs more reading, thinking and writing. You do end the review in your research questions. However, by posing ‘does the company…?’, you will end up with yes or no answers.  Please look at other aims and objectives in texts and/or empirical studies [see below]. I am particularly concerned that you do not appear to address the CSR topic, upon which you were allocated to Catherine as your supervisor; nor do you refer to the core text or materials mentioned in the lectures and/or workshops [see below].
The main ways to improve this assignment are: As above, your review of the literature shows evidence of sources. However, we asked for 6-10 seminal sources. These do not appear as seminal as the most cited is by 3 others. So. where most are recent they show no seminal works informing your study. You simply have not read widely enough to position yourself in the narratives. Meaning, it is not analytical or evaluative. Instead you mainly describe one paper, then the next one. Now – the contemporary issue you were allocated is CSR. On the one hand, CSR is interesting as it is being questioned by traditional sources. On the other hand, there are those writers critiquing that it is not going far enough. For your dissertation, you need to revisit the materials on reviewing the literature and themes. Look at the themes in other papers.
Methodology – This is problematic in a variety of ways. All of it is based upon a single reference [e.g. Kish, 1965]. Moreover, you say you are going to telephone companies and ask questions. There is no discussion or inclusion of ethics form or consent templates. Consider that you might examine CSR using a case study; this would be the methodology – which was highlighted in the lectures. Then you can consider what 2nd data are you going to examine and WHY [Here please look at Silverman’s qualitative research textbook; he has a section on CSR and analysing documents]. Further, you show no attempt to discuss how you are going to analyse the data other than saying Excel  [revisit lecture materials and the Silverman text – perhaps using content analysis of documents]. As above, I would have welcomed Collis and Hussey, the core text; please revisit it and lecture materials for your dissertation.
As for the problem and scope and planning– Basically, the timeframe concerns me as you have the submission date incorrect [1st May, p.8]. Finally, please attempt the Gantt chart for your dissertation; this was part of the brief. Finally, as for referencing – far too many unsupported statements in your text [e.g. pp7-8 have no references] and those in section 6 are incomplete + one of your references is inaccurate Melissa, B.
Please arrange what should be the 2nd meeting with your supervisor, from this proposal it does not appear you have met with Catherine, to discuss your proposal and the feedback. Make time and engage in the sessions (lectorials, workshop and espresso language) in Term 2.

Sources of help with your academic work are listed in the module handbook and on the module blackboard site.

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