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      This essay requires you to review an example of organisational change. This might be an experience that you have had whilst working in an organisation, from a published case study, or events encountered in the media . You should analyse this organisational change using models/theories of organisational change from two of the following themes covered in the study units: Communications & Resistance; Planned Approaches; Process, Stories & Political Approaches; Change Leadership; Learning Organisation & Organisation Development (OD); Structure and Systems; Culture. Using relevant theories, your analysis should lead to an evaluation and discussion of the principles of effective change management in organisations. It is recommended that the section on effective change management should account for at least one third of the essay.

2750 max
Part 1
Experience/introduction of the company in case study
Theories from two topics
Lit rev – argues on both theories
Recommendation – support by relevant theories
Focus on how well you apply the theories
Discuss on TAC for each paragraph
T – theory and lit
A –
C – why theories is relevant is importance implications
Using examples to describe the theory name
To discuss – for example: red is important because yellow is not important
1 – same 2 themes (remember don’t repeat what you said in part 1) make sure the make new and different points of argument.
2 – lesson you learnt about effective change in part 1 – analyze this is the effective way to mange change but put theories to support that answers eg base on blah model is effective to manage change would be
3 – how do we look effective manage of change – recommend / talk about broadly

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