But what impact has this separation between these children and their parents caused?

But what impact has this separation between these children and their parents caused? Assignment: You are to write a cause-and-effect argument, in which, you will need to delve deeper into the issue of trauma at the border; shedding light on the impact that it has had (both short and long-term) on the children, and their families. For this paper you will need to use pathos (appeal to emotions) to appeal to your audience. Anecdotes, pictures, tone and language are a few examples of how you can effectively achieve pathos in your essay. Ultimately you will decide if this act was immoral or not, and critique or propose a viable solution that should have been considered that could have remedied the situation.
As you research and plan your essay, consider both the short and long-term effects caused by the separation. Consider whether the children should have been separated from their families… if so, under what circumstances? Were the actions of the government mostly positive or negative? You might also consider children that remained in detention by ICE during the COVID-19 pandemic. What might others against your argument say regarding the issue? You will also need to review what measures were taken to remedy the situation/ were they effective?
This essay will also combine a solutions element; where you will discuss measures that were taken to rectify the situation, and (1), discuss any errors or room for improvement, or (2), propose your own viable solution(s). {Note: this will come just before your conclusion}
This essay must be written in MLA format and include a properly formatted Works Cited page. In addition to the films below, you need information from at least 4 other credible sources such as books, articles, and scholarly journals. Our school’s library database is a wonderful place to access information right from your computer! Your essay must meet the minimum of 5 pages and is Due: 10/26 deadline: 11:59 pm.
Films: Two links have been provided as a starting point for this essay. They provide an overview of how the separation at the border has impacted the children and their families.