Capstone Research Paper

Write 15 page essay on the topic Capstone Research Paper.related to pre-drinking among current college students, questionnaires and focus groups were conducted in order to collect qualitative data related to the topic. In response to the pre-gaming phenomenon, policymakers in both educational and governmental contexts should take appropriate action to reduce the risks to students who partake in these activities. While institutions should not advocate pre-gaming, especially among those who are under the minimum legal age for drinking, they should also shy away from making the wrong decision and simply displacing the behavior into a less safe environment.Pre-drinking, or “pre-gaming”, is an increasingly common practice among college students aged between 18-25 years old because of a number of factors. To explore these factors, a body of research has emerged to shed light on motivations for why individuals partake in pre-gaming activities, which will be subsequently reviewed. Once existing research is described, this paper will discuss an independent study performed with a questionnaire and focus groups with a sample of college students discussing their own experiences with pre-gaming. Comparisons between their feedback and the findings of the overall literature on pre-gaming will be discussed at length. Policy implications for educational and governmental institutions in response to these findings will be explored in greater detail.Pre-gaming involves taking heavy amounts of alcoholic drinks in a private setting before going to a social event in a licensed drinking establishment such as nightclubs or bars (Wile & Werlinsky, 2000, p. 7). In recent decades, level of alcohol consumption among young adults has increased to record highs. Most studies have attributed such increases to the widespread availability of affordable alcohol and increased prevalence of drinking events for young adults, particularly those enrolled in post-secondary education institutions. In the United States, about 38% of college students have

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