Carrying Narcan by the EMTs/police This is the topic I chose. Description: Stude

Carrying Narcan by the EMTs/police This is the topic I chose.
Description: Stude

Carrying Narcan by the EMTs/police This is the topic I chose.
Description: Students will evaluate the topic through evaluation of ethical principles, health care
policy/quality, and the impact on various populations. As this is a scholarly paper, present the paper
in a neutral voice. First person is allowed in the section focusing on your informed opinion. (When
writing this paper, think about “If a person knew nothing about EMTS carrying Narcan (for example),
would my paper give an overview and critique of the topic?”).
Format: Format the paper to APA 7 th edition guidelines (including title and reference page) and use
keywords from the assignment guidelines as the levels of heading. Cite any sources within the body
of the text. The body of this paper will be four to seven (maximum) pages. Consider using the Writing
Center and/or a peer for review and feedback for clarity and completeness.
Turn it in: Prior to submitting your final draft into the assignment drop box in D2L, you need to submit
a draft of your paper to the drop box titled “Draft Submission in Turnitin”. You will receive a Turnitin
Originality score, which should be at or below 30% similarity on the report. If your draft submission
has a similarity score greater than 30%, please revise the highlighted areas in your paper prior to
submitting your final draft to the assignment drop box. A second submission to the sandbox is not
required, but each student must have one submission to the Turnitin drop box for this
assignment (make sure you have your files named correctly before submitting in the sand box).
1. Preparing for this assignment:
a. Review webpages related to Minnesota and your chosen topic. Consider a search
using the topic name and “Minnesota.” Some topics may have their own websites,
others may be a topic from the Minnesota Department of Health.
b. Review webpages related to the American Nurses Association (ANA) or other
professional nursing organizations and your chosen topic
c. Interview three people regarding their knowledge, beliefs, and thoughts regarding your
chosen topic. These people cannot be students in your class, and at least one person
must be an individual not in your immediate family/group of friends.
d. Literature Search for Sources
i. Search the library databases Alt-HealthWatch, CINAHL, PsychInfo, and/or other
databases as appropriate) for five scholarly articles that will provide you
information on your chosen topic, research and pros and critiques regarding your
topic. (At least one article should provide an opposing viewpoint).
ii. Credible web sites are also allowed.
iii. The five articles and other sources should support each of the following sections.
2. Assignment Guidelines
a. Introduction paragraph: Provide a short introduction to the topic and provide a thesis
statement. (This paper will discuss…)
b. Overview of the Selected Topic
i. Healthcare Issue/Populations: What populations does this topic affect?
What makes it controversial? Discuss why it is considered a health policy topic.
ii. Current Minnesota Policies: Using information that focuses on the State
of Minnesota, discuss current policies and procedures in the State of Minnesota.
(Example: Does Minnesota currently allow/support any form of your topic?
iii. Professional Nursing Organization Position: What does the ANA say
about this topic? What is its position? Discuss any background information.
Discuss current recommendations and considerations.
iv. Results of Interviews: Provide an overview of the interviews (Cite as
personal communication. Blind the identity of the interviewee). What did you
c. Argument for utilization of your chosen topic:
a Discuss one argument point for utilization. (Why should Minnesota do this?)
b Rationale: Be sure to discuss what the impact would be on quality of life, health
care cost, and other relevant factors and support with scholarly sources.
d. Argument against utilization of your chosen topic:
a Discuss one argument point against utilization. (Why should Minnesota not do
b Rationale: Provide rationale for the argument point and support with scholarly
e. Personal Opinion: Provide an overview of your personal opinion regarding this topic.
Discuss how your opinion and your professional role may or may not conflict.
f. Conclusion Paragraph: Close the paper with the takeaway message.
g. References

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