Case Study for Human Health (setting up consumer survey)

Novozymes are developing probiotics in Human Healthy field. In order to better understand consumer’s decision process and purchasing behavior, we would like to collaborate with a 3rd party consulting company to facilitate the survey in Lead Detoxification (mainly for children, but the decision makers are their parents) and Liver care (non-alcohol damaged liver) fields.
Your tasks
1. To identify the right interview groups in each field (Lead Detoxification & Liver care) with consideration of different criteria, for example a. gender b. age c. regions d. issue e. Lead tox level or liver damage level f. …
2. To design the questionaries’ with the consulting company and they will help us to do the interviews later. The questionaries’ should answer the questions below: a. Who will be the potential consumers who want to pay for the new probiotics products? b. What are their key care about? c. How do they realize they/their children have the health issues in respective areas? d. How serious they think they need to pay for the treatment? e. Who are the key opinion influencers? Friends, ads, doctor, internet, public media, etc.? f. How do they get the access to the right channel to make them believe? g. What might be the channels they will approach? h. What are the key criteria for them to make decision? i. How do they evaluate the performance if they buy the probiotics? j. What are their key concerns? k. What kind of price level (RMB/day ) they can accept? l. ……
Above questions are just for inspiration. You need to develop your own questionnaires to understand how do we positioning our product and what technical and commercial preparation we need to do before we launch the new products. After the interviews and the survey, we can have clear ideas on “go to market” strategy.
You are not necessary to develop the “go to market” strategy in this case, but the questionnaires you designed have to answer the questions “where to play” and “how to win”.
Please prepare a 30 minutes presentation in English and send back to Novozymes by 15th May. Should you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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