CASE STUDY INSTRUCTIONS About 15% of premarital couples report as “Conflicted” couples.

CASE STUDY INSTRUCTIONS About 15% of premarital couples report as “Conflicted” couples. The goal of this assignment is to evaluate the provided case study on a “Conflicted” couple and to submit a clinical analysis to support this couple. This will require addressing 3 main areas: (1) identifying the key strengths and weaknesses between the couple, (2) discussing how the couple’s personalities might be influencing the situation, (3) developing a strategy to counsel, and potentially support, the couple. Your paper must be 9–12 pages (not including title page and references) and must include at least 1 research-based approach from 8 scholarly sources. You must utilize course materials, research and the Bible. This amounts to about 3 pages per section. Your paper must also include section headings clearly identifying the 3 required areas of concern outlined below.
Identify Key Areas (strengths and weaknesses)—This section must explore the overall case study and must clearly identify the problems at hand. Do not simply label the issues; explore the implications of the identified problems and how they might contribute to the overall conflicted relationship of the couple. Remember to review the couple’s background and other factors that may contribute to conflict. The case study contains significant data. Be sure to explore it thoroughly. Understanding this will provide the platform on which to counsel the couple. A subsection of this area must be focused on identifying the couple strengths.
Personalities—This section must explore the 5 dimensions of the SCOPE personality assessment section and must discuss how these results could contribute to the conflict as well as the recovery of the relationship. Action Plan—This section must outline a realistic approach to counseling to the couple, utilizing clinically-based resources. This must be based upon your actual resources. This is an opportunity for you to do some research in your area and see what others are doing for couples. This section must address how you would counsel the couple. Be specific to your overall strategy for addressing the previously identified issues. It must also address how local resources may be utilized to support the couple’s development. Remember, this must be realistic. You must not say that you are going to have the couple meet with you twice a week, read 2 books, take a class on finances, and join a support group. Even the most dedicated couple could not follow a regiment like that. The detail in this section must focus on your counseling strategy, supplemented by local resources, not just a note that you would refer the couple to a professional counselor (although that may be the case). Another important aspect of this section is to make sure you justify your approaches by utilizing the information you have been given. Your goal is not to keep them busy with work but to diminish their weaknesses in a realistic manner.