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Cheap? How cheap is our essay writing service?

Ever wondered why you pay lot of bucks for your assignments and get crap, mediocre and low level written papers?

It is because price does not always concert to high quality. Yes, I mean it. Sometimes, you have to dive deeper into research while pocket-friendliness is a factor at hand.

You are on a budget as a student but you should never compromise on quality because the grades matter in your academic life.

So, how cheap is this Essay writing service?

From as low as $ 2 USD per page, you have the best writers completing your essay. I am not kidding, Try to order a custom paper now and see it work.

What are the factors considered in the above cheap prices for your Essay writing needs?

Cheap, yes, affordable, best word for these assignments you will order from us. However, the “cheap” phrase we are using here depends on a number of factors:

a). Urgency of your essay writing order —> Order with us, state the deadline and our essay ordering system will calculate the deadline. Short deadline essay writing orders attract higher fees than long deadline orders. However, we do assure you that the price will be affordable and pocket-friendly.

b). Number of pages ordered —> The longer the essay in terms of the number of pages ordered, the less cumulatively expensive it becomes. We want to give you more discounts on the number of pages you order to be written making the overall price lower than many essay writing companies out there. Good deal? We hope so.

c). Number of diagrams and charts requested —> What about if your Essay order requires that we add some charts and diagrams? What about if we do not price that unlike many freelance writing companies? Does this make the essay cheaper? We want to do this now. We want to do the same daily and any other time you place an order with us. Partner with us and get cheaper and cheaper essay writing services as you discover the tricks.

d). References —> We do know that some companies charge an extra fee for supplying the referencing materials. Well, if we do, we will not charge this unless your order was solely on providing citation sources. Let us lift the essay price burden imposed by most essay writing services and websites out there from your pocket.

What our cheap Essay writing pricing policy doesn’t compromise.

Of importance to mention is that; when we state that we offer cheap Essay writing services, we do not compromise the following:

1). Quality — You will receive a high quality essay that follows all the provided requirements and/or instructions. The written essay will answer all the questions required of you to ensure high grades in your academic life.

2). Timeliness.– We will deliver the essay in time regardless of the price we charge.

3). Originality. — We have a Zero plagiarism policy regardless of the price we charge for your essay writing needs.

4). Level of writing. — If you order and specify that you need a Masters level writer, we will give you that even if we charge you low.

Relax and get cheap essay writing services anytime from us.

Versed Writers – Definition is derived from two words:

  1. Versed
  2. Writers

At the end of the two words is .com which is a domain name extension used by communication companies when looking for way to locate their online work and reach everyone across the world.

It is from these two words that form the compound name, VersedWriters, hence the domain name

Definition of Versed

As defined by Dictionary, an online dictionary located on, versed means:

“experienced; practiced; skilled; learned (usually followed by in): She was well versed in writing essays for students.

Note: In this website (, versed doesn’t refer to the other definitions like:

a)Versed – the drug company name of Midazolam.

Definition of Writers

A writer is one who communicates ideas through the use of words. Today, writers can type, write on paper or on other material. Any written idea is done so by writers.

The plural of a writer is writers. Therefore, consists of many writers (more than one) of different academic levels (Undergraduate, postgraduate and professors).

Definition of Versed writers

From the two definitions above, we do understand that Versed Writers is a compound name that means experienced and skilled writers.

Definition of

A .com is a top-level domain name extension. The addition of this TLD name extension means that the contents of this website will be located at the address extended as and will be about all writings from versed writers across the world. is an online platform where you get the best skilled, well practiced and experienced writers. These writers will help you promptly in a versed manner in all areas academic in a timely, non-plagiarized, and high-quality manner. Anyone who ever visited this website and made a decision to order a paper from these writers has never regretted.

With a 24/7 online chat, you are sure that the customer care support is available for you in case you need to clarify anything about your yet-to-order assignment or an already ordered one.

We do state: Try an order and we are open for unlimited revisions till you score a grade higher than you have ever scored.

What deals in: deals with the following types of assignments:

a). Essay writing services.

b). Dissertation writing services.

c). Research proposal writing.

d). Research project and paper writing.

e). Resume writing.

f). Editing services.

g). Lab report writing.

h). Term paper writing.

i). Software and website Programming.

j). Project report writing.

k).Multiple question answering and writing.

The main role of versed writers is to help students in their academic writing work, providing guidance to these students pertaining professional writing, referencing and citation styles.

Regions covered by

For many decades, has being helping students in America and Europe. Today, the freelance writing company has stretched to help high school, undergraduate, masters and pHD students in Asia and Africa. These students present with simple and complex, urgent and long-deadline academic assignments which have been completed by our versed writers without any delay.

Below are some of the reviews from our clients.

Mary K:

VersedWriters is the place I got resuscitation from when my lecturer couldn’t want to see my work because of poor quality. Today, my grades are improving. I honestly recommend this writing service.