When responding to your classmates, offer additional examples of appropriate uses for incidence and prevalence and explain how the two measures are related. 

Please respond to 2 classmates discussion

Both classmates discussion is below

Please speak in first person to each person.



behavior and evolution

Discuss the main differences between the two primate suborders: Strepsirrhini and Haplorrhini. In your response, describe two ways they differ physically from one another and two ways they differ socially from one another.

2, Describe three ways in which food availability and distribution affects primate group size, group interactions, and/or social behaviors.



Discussion board

 The importance of USPSTF Screening Recommendations in Primary Care. 

The discussion must address the topic.

350 words in your initial post. 

Turnitin is less than 15%. 

Minimum of two scholarly references in APA format within the last five years published 

USPSTF (U.S. Preventive Services Task Force) 



Respond to Kate post

The increased use of technology by police officers does not pose a threat to civil liberties. I do not believe that Police Departments utilizing modern technology, such as body cameras pose a threat to civil liberties. This aid of body cameras and other modern technology benefits both the officers and the community. There is more accountability for the officers in the field. This also should provide a sense of security for citizens as all incidents are recorded and reviewed. There are no more questions about what happened on the scene, what was said, and if there was excessive use of force. This is all documented on the body cameras. There is also accountability for the citizens, as all their verbal and non-verbal communication is recorded as well. At times when cell phone footage has been viewed for officer-involved shootings, it is far into the incident and there is too much unknown. The original call, what is the person being pursued for, and how did the officers get to the point of needing to use force? Those unknown questions are answered through the use of body cameras and dash cameras. This covers liability as well for officers and departments that are being sued for civil liability in cases. The unknown is removed.



Respond to William post

In my opinion, when it comes to body cameras, many people confuse entitlement to privacy with infringing on civil liberties. The body cameras serve as a means of holding both sides accountable during an altercation. In regards to body cameras, Anthony Scott, the brother of Walter Scott who was fatally shot in the back by a police officer claims, its good for the victims as well as for the officers because it will bring more accountability on both sides (Youtube, 2015). Both sides may claim its the others fault, but the cameras will tell the real story. On the other hand, the cameras may invade individual privacy. Bryce Newell, an assistant professor at the University of Oregon reveals a shocking truth about body cameras. Apparently in recent years, people have requested the videos to be made public and they have posted them to their Youtube accounts (Newell, 2022). This would certainly be an invasion of ones privacy, but not necessarily an infringement on their rights.

Newell, B. C. (2022, January 5). Police body cameras can be a positive accountability tool, but they can also invade our privacy. UC Press Blog. Retrieved May 20, 2022, from .

YouTube. (2015). Should police wear body cameras? YouTube. Retrieved May 20, 2022, from .



interpersonal communication


Assignment Details:

 Create a 5 10 slide PowerPoint Presentation with audio. Add your own audio recordings to each slide.

 Include a title slide (with your name and introduce the topic youll be sharing in the presentation).

 Then include slides and describe a situation online where you witnessed trolling and flaming. What was the situation? How were the comments handled?

 Do you think this same situation would have happened in a face-to-face environment? Why or why not?

 How can situations like this be minimized? Please use the terms for your text about social media and nonverbal and guidelines for improving nonverbal communication found in Chapter 5 to respond to this question.

 Your audio PowerPoint presentation should be 3-5 minutes in length, citing specific examples and providing detailed analysis incorporating reading and textbook material. If outside sources are used, proper citation of the source should be included at the end of the PowerPoint on a reference slide.

Tip: 3 5 minutes of an audio presentation is roughly equal 600 to 750 words.

To add audio in PowerPoint go to the top INSERT tab and to the right under Media youll see Audio where you can record your voice for the presentation.






A 58-year-old obese man complains of pain in his left knee. The pain seems to be unrelenting. He says his knee is better when he rests, but it gets stiff when he rests too long. He denies other symptoms, significant history, or allergies.

  • From the information provided, list your differential diagnoses in the order of most likely to possible but unlikely.

2 scholarly article





A 28-year-old female presents with a severe headache for the past 9 hours. She states the pain is over the left temporal area and is throbbing in nature. These symptoms have occurred before but not as bad.

  • What are some clinical assessment tools or techniques that you could use to help diagnose this patients condition?
  • In order of importance, describe three (3) questions that you would like to ask this patient and give a brief explanation of why?

2 scholarly article



Outcome Measurements and Tools

 Read the following attachments:

The Relationship Between Evidence-Based Practices and Emergency Department Managers Perceptions on Quality of Care for Self-Harm Patients  

Practicing Healthcare Professionals Evidence-Based Practice Competencies: An Overview of Systematic Reviews

Watch the following video: 

Allied Health: Evidence-Based Practice (

Measurements are part of process changes and quality improvements. However, measurements alone do not create improvements. A quality improvement system should include a data collection mechanism, valid and reliable measures of outcomes, and a collection of tools or methodologies with ongoing efforts. It is also vital that the measurement strategies will accurately capture whether the evidence-based care has been delivered to the patients.

In 300 to 400 words:

  • Describe the role of continuous quality improvement in health care outcomes.
  • Assess the importance of evidence-based practice in improving quality of care. Be sure to provide an example of evidence-based practice. 
  • Discuss challenges in collecting and analyzing quantitative data in measuring quality outcomes.
  • Discuss how the Quality Improvement Measure Patients who “Strongly Agree” they understood their care when they left the hospital under the Survey of Patients’ Experiences category relates.

Support your response with at least two scholarly sources published within the last 5 years in APA Style.



Continuous Quality Improvement Initiative

 Read the following attachments:

*An Evaluation of Medicares Hospital Compare as a Decision-Making Tool for Patients and Hospitals.

*U.S. Hospital Performance Methodologies: A Scoping Review to Identify Opportunities for Crossing the Quality Chasm Download U.S. Hospital Performance Methodologies: A Scoping Review to Identify Opportunities for Crossing the Quality Chasm

*Impact of Teaching Intensity and Sociodemographic Characteristics on CMS Hospital Compare Quality Rating

Your role in this scenario is that you work in the department of quality improvement (QI) at the University of Iowa Hospital & Clinics. Your CEO calls upon you in the QI department to resolve the low performing quality and patient safety issues. The Quality Improvement Measure focus is on Patients who “Strongly Agree” they understood their care when they left the hospital under the Survey of Patients’ Experiences category.

-For this first part of the quality improvement (QI) initiative, you will explore the University of Iowa Hospital & Clinics (). Explore the categories listed on the hospitals webpage to get an understanding of how it scores. Be sure to scroll down and expand each category to see the measures nested within the category. For example, for one particular hospital, under the category Timely and Effective Care for Sepsis Care, the hospital scored 53% for this measure. This is the percentage of patients who received appropriate care for severe sepsis and septic shock. The national average was 60%, and the state average was 55%. This is a low performing quality and patient safety issue that could be explored. Here is another example: Under the category Timely and Effective Care for Emergency Department Care, this hospital had 146 minutes for the measure, average (median) time patients spent in the emergency department before leaving from the visit. The national average had 172 minutes, and the state average had 158 minutes. But another hospital in the same area had 125 minutes.

In three- to five-pages address the following:

  • Describe      the nature of the business,      services or products, and customers      served by the University of Iowa Hospital & Clinics.
  • Evaluate      the Quality Improvement Measure Patients who “Strongly Agree”      they understood their care when they left the hospital under the Survey      of Patients’ Experiences category.
  • Discuss the      importance of patients being able to understand their care when they leave      the hospital (e.g., accreditation status, patient      safety, and/or financial status of the hospital).
  • Define      two to three SMART goals for the measure, Patients who      “Strongly Agree” they understood their care when they left the      hospital, to improve. 
    • Be       sure to include all five elementsspecific, measurable, attainable,       relevant, and time-boundin each goal. 
    • For       example: To implement an up-and-running emergency department tracking       system by 12/31/2022. To hire and train additional five nurses to meet       the staff-to-patient ratio during peak times by 12/31/2022.  To       reduce the turnaround time at 10% for lactic acid/lactate levels       laboratory testing by 12/31/2022.
  • Analyze      specific local, state, or national policies (e.g., The Joint Commission      Standards) that have been developed to improve patients being able to      understand their care when they leave the hospital based on evidence-based      practice research.
  • Must      use at least three scholarly or peer-reviewed sources published in the      past 5 years and format in APA style.

-See the attached Quality Improvement Initiative template for guidance on completing this.