Centerpiece​: Due March 26th – You will be reading a great deal about the world’s first ferris wheel and

Centerpiece​: Due March 26th – You will be reading a great deal about the world’s first ferris wheel and
the Court of Honor. The Knoxville World’s Fair of 1982 had the famous Sunsphere as the sight that
dominated the surrounding landscape. The Paris World’s Fair of 1889 introduced the world to the Eiffel
Tower, something you all would easily recognize if shown. This should demonstrate the importance of
your centerpiece.
● What attraction will you use as the main draw to your event? This is something that you
charge for, as your book will detail when you read about the ferris wheel.
● Justify your choice: this centerpiece will forever be the symbol of your fair. What does it
○ Half-page composition on its symbolism and importance is necessary. Consider
this a sales pitch. Writing should focus solely on your centerpiece and not
another from a previous fair. Outside sources are not required but are permitted;
if used, please cite in APA format.
● Construct a 3-dimensional model/representation of your centerpiece not to exceed 18
inches in height. Materials used can vary, however, I promise this is the only required
physical building I will ever ask you to do. Please, no Legos; you’re high school juniors.
This is one of three visual components for this project, and it should arguably be the best
Main Exhibit:​ Due March 30th – The White City had fourteen main exhibition buildings. I am
asking for one. I want an administration building. I do not require any written component for
this assignment, just a visual representation of your building. You are allowed to outsource this
project to an artistic student on campus (I’d buy some Dutch Bros for an art student). However,
the design must be original, you will provide credit to the source, and if it is being made digitally
you must provide a printed, high-quality color copy. Please include the surrounding landscape
with your design and not a simple building on a blank background.
● You may submit a 3-dimensional representation if desired. Same parameters as
above apply.
Map of Event:​ Due March 30th – Attached to this document are two maps that fit the exact
description of what you need to submit. Design a layout of your fair, label each building,
showcase the landscape of your city, and the landscaping you’ve prepared for this event. Note
the number of buildings in each; don’t cut corners. Please label and number each building
(abbreviate if necessary) and include a separate page that serves as an index (include full
names and matching numbers).
Presentation/Sales Pitch – Due April 2nd-19th​ – In a before or after school presentation
running between 5-10 minutes, give me an overall breakdown of the specific/main points of
each section of this project using Google Slides. You are talking consistently and this should
showcase all the important highlights of the entire project. This is a visual presentation;
numerous images are needed. Limit words on the slide to no more than 20. This is about
visuals and your spoken words; do not read the presentation, present the presentation.
● This is a scheduled event that will take place before or after school. Please adhere to
the schedule and show up on the date you chose. No-shows will be penalized.
● Treat this like a sales pitch; your goal is to earn an A. Below is a simple time breakdown
and what I am looking for:
○ 20 Points – Enthusiasm and showmanship – Speaker was dynamic, engaging,
and had energy.
○ 20 Points – Structure – Material had flow as well as an obvious beginning, middle,
and end.
○ 20 Points – Practice – Student has obviously spent time rehearsing this
presentation and relied on notes only minimally.
○ 40 Points – Presentation – Visual material for presentation is well-organized and
showcases all the highlights of their event. It is not a series of pictures slapped
together, but a flowing visual accompaniment to the speaker’s words and hard
work on this project. This is a highlight reel for the project; sooooooooo…
● 45-60 seconds – Breakdown of city selected, historical importance, and overview of
location of event.
● 45-60 seconds – Central feature of the fair, it’s aesthetic importance as well as symbolic,
and architectural overview
● 30-45 seconds – Administration Building visual showcase
● 45-60 seconds – Transportation overview & visual showcase: video demonstrations
allowed via YouTube
● 60-90 seconds – Cultural Overview – What cultures were selected for showcasing at your
event, how have they been misrepresented, and how does your fair best correct these
● 90-120 seconds – Map Overview – Using a projection of your map, demonstrate the
visual makeup of your fair and justify how it is well-organized and not just a cluster of
buildings. Explain the elegance of your design as well as how it fits in with the
surrounding topography of the destination you selected.
● 45-60 seconds – Conclusion – In your final remarks please justify why the decisions you
made on this project best represent what this event should be and why your design
should be selected.

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