How to write:
3000 words
Each question should be answered separately, each question should be around 700-800 words
NO overall introduction and conclusions, only small intro and conclusions for each question
Include charts INSIDE the text, report type of writing (no first person), however, do not use numbering of sections
Please, all references should be Harvard references, please, provide also text document with end text referencing
Referencing should be books, not too many websites, if using website, it has to be a reliable one – for example official statistical websites
Inclusion of relevant details
Application and analysis using the appropriate concepts and theories
Critical evaluation of ideas and data
Logic and coherence of the argument
Clarity of explanations and presentation

  1. What is central banks? Briefly outline the main functions of a central bank (5 functions)
  2. Explain what is meant by central bank independence (hint: distinguish between different types of independence) … – to what extent the central bank is independent
  3. Drawing on economic theory and evidence, explain the main argument in favour of central bank independence.
  4. Discuss the view that giving a central bank the responsibility for financial stability as well as price stability will undermine its independence and reduce the effective control of inflation.

+critical discussion, related to the case study
the case study is this one:
Please, also check the references from this case study, they might help
this one:
(you have to copy it, the link alone is not working)
BOOKS what have/should to be used

It really has to be professional, include a lot of data in each paragraph. J

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