Chapter 10, “Human Development Across the Life Span,” in Weiten, Psychology: Themes and Variations

There are two parts to this assignment. Be sure to answer both parts completely and coherently in a well-written essay and reference material from the lesson’s readings. Each part should be two to three paragraphs in length, with the total assignment containing about 250 to 350 words.
Part 1
Given that the environment plays such an important role in shaping brain development, what advice would you give to new parents who want to maximize the development of their infant’s intellectual capabilities?
Can you think of specific activities parents might undertake that could aid their infant’s intellectual development?
If you have kids, are there things you did while they were infants (games? activities? sights? sounds?) that you think were helpful, especially given what you have learned in this section? Feel free to provide specific examples of activities, and also what intellectual skills those activities would foster.
If you do not have kids, can you think of activities you might suggest to new parents or people who are expecting their first infant?
Part 2
Do you think that Piaget’s insights about the limitations of early cognitive development have any implications for education?
When do you think schools should introduce abstract arithmetic/math problems? Why would you make that suggestion?
What sorts of non-abstract methods might schools use to teach concepts like math to students in the early grades?
Do you think that Piaget’s stages should be used in determining the age at which students should first begin formal schooling?
Based on personal experience (yours, your children’s, or that of children you know), do you think that appropriate teaching techniques can “jump start” children’s cognitive development and push them through Piaget’s sta

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