Chapter 21

*BRIEFLY compare and contrast the following leaders social, political and economic agendas with regard to their neoliberal approach to government in their respective countries:
Fernando Collor de Mello; Fernando Henrique Cardosa; Lula da Silva  (Brazil)
Bartolome Mitre; Domingo Faustino Sarmiento; Carlos Saul Menem; Fernando de la Rua; Alejandro Rodriguez Saa; Eduardo Duhalde; Nestor Kirchner; Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner  (Argentina)
Alberto Fujimora; Alejandro Toledo; Alan Garcia (Peru)
Salvador Allende; August Pinochet; Patricio Aylwin; Eduardo Frei; Ricardo Lagos;
Michelle Bachelet (Chile)
Guadalupe Victoria; Valentin Gomez; Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna; Benito Juarez; Ernesto Zedillo; Felipe Calderon; Andres Lopez Manuel Obrador (Mexico)
*Answer: What was the “Pink Tide”, and how did it reflect the reactions of popular social movements to these
electoral “enganos” and the neoliberal policies that they made possible?
The last paragraph is a summary of the chapter. Use only the chapter provided as a source.

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