CHAPTER 7 Designing Indoor and Outdoor Environments Discussion Prompt: Pick your

Designing Indoor and Outdoor Environments
Discussion Prompt:
Pick your

Designing Indoor and Outdoor Environments
Discussion Prompt:
Pick your desired age group (refer to The Teacher I Want to Become Presentation)
Create an environment that aligns with the “Program Philosophy” (refer to the Week 6 discussions) that aligns to your own developing philosophy.
Build on your philosophy, while sketching the indoor and outdoor plans.
Create the three key aspects of the environment: Physical, Social-Emotional, and Temporal (refer to 7.6 of Text); explain how your environment designs (Indoor and Outdoor) support DAP
Create your environment for your program using Chapter 7 content and items within the ECERS 7 Subscale (explain in detail each subscale and how it is aligned to your created environment).
Create and post a voice-threaded ( (Links to an external site.)) PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation explaining your created environment.
***Be sure to explain what type of program your curriculum and environment represent, as well as what led you to choose the particular program philosophy.
Topic: Creating Learning Environments
Mandatory Resources to Reference
Textbook, Chapter 7 (Links to an external site.)
ECERS (Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)
NAEYC DAP Position StatementLinks to an external site.
Any additional resources on specific Program Philosophies
Example Structure
Slide 1: Introduction
Slide 2: Ideal Age Group and Program Type (Review Personal Philosophy)
Slide 3-5: Physical, Social, and Temporal Environment, Indoor and Outdoor – Include drawings of your original layouts and pictures with descriptions of intentional learning areas or centers.
Slides 6-13: ECERS Subscales
Slide 10: DAP – Explain how your environment designs (Indoor and Outdoor) supports DAP
Slide 11: Conclusion
Slide 12: Reference List…Remember that a reference list refers to the citations that are throughout your slides.
***Note that presentation design should include bulleted statements, pictures, and charts. Complete sentences would only be appropriate if highlighting a quote. This will assist, too, with presenting, as your audio should not be reading your material…it should be an authentic presentation of the material represented on the slides.
***I will attach my presentation and my week 6 Philosophy paper i have completed, I also want to write about the pre school age group. I will also do my voiceover presentation, i just need the slides completed***

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