Child Psychology

The ability to conduct research is essential in the fields of child psychology and human services.  Whether it is to write an article, conduct an experiment, teach or simply to find answers to questions you have in your practice; the ability to undertake research is crucial.  It is also important that you are able to apply your findings and knowledge. This assignment is intended to further develop your skills in these areas.
To develop the ability to find information regarding a topic or question.
To be able to conduct a literature review.
To be able to utilize the internet for research.
To be able to define a topic of interest, to narrow that interest and to find information.
To be able to summarize information and commit the summary to writing.
To expand your knowledge about a specific topic in child psychology.
To allow you to apply what you have learned.
Choose an area of interest or a specific topic.
Utilize the web, journals, books and other resources to research your topic.
Complete the written exercise listed below.
Written Product:
Prepare a report on this research that would allow another person to gain a basic understanding of what you have found.  Present the information in your own words not a duplication of others words. You can include quotations or summarize material from a resource you use as long as you give credit to the source using APA footnoting. Requirements for the report are listed below.
A minimum of 4 typed pages or the equivalent plus a bibliography on a separate page.
Include a definition of the topic and a question(s) you were looking to answer in your research.
Present the information you found.
Discuss your findings in narrative form.  Create a narrative using your own words and ideas to synthesize what you have found.
Discuss in some detail how this information helps you understand yourself or
others from a developmental perspective.  Does this knowledge lead you to deal with people in any way differently?  How?
Prepare a bibliography and attach to the report.  The sources must include a book, a journal article and a web source.
If you quote anything from a source you have used you need to footnote that within the body of the text according to APA standards. This will be explained in class.

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