Choose a country and construct a general paper addressing the geography of that nation.

Students have two options for the course paper. They are as follows: (1) Choose a country and construct a general paper addressing the geography of that nation. More specifically, papers should include the following five categories of information:
Physical (climate, weather, landforms) Culture (dominant and minority religions, languages) Human environmental problems (deforestation, water quality) Artistic/humanistic (material culture such as artwork) Statistical (population, disease incidence, infant mortality) OR (2) Choose a country (e.g. Brazil) or region (e.g. Amazonian South America) and construct a more detailed paper addressing an important cultural, environmental, and/or political issue central to that particular place (e.g. Amazonian deforestation and its root causes). Please note, however, that your paper should also provide a general introduction to the region as a preface to the issue being discussed. Sources/Style Students should use a combination of eight peer reviewed academic books, journals, newspaper or magazine articles as research materials for the paper.
Depending on the quality of the website, Internet sources may provide students with valuable material. Avoid shoddy, unprofessional websites, and do not depend upon Internet research Furthermore, do not, under any circumstances, cut and paste large chunks of materials from the Internet or elsewhere. Plagiarism will not be permitted. (For clarification on the definition of plagiarism, see instructor).
Sources should be cited within the text, a technique that we will review prior to the paper’s due date. Manuscripts must be professional in style. Students are welcome to choose any style (e.g. MLA, APA) as long as it is consistent throughout the text. Furthermore, students should proofread their papers several times before final submission. Paper grades will be assigned based on both the content and quality (grammar, punctuation, style) of the manuscript.