Choose one question and in your paper specify which question you have chosen.

Choose one question and in your paper specify which question you have chosen. Read your chosen question carefully and address all the parts of it in the paper. In each question, I have said how you can organize your paper. I suggest that you follow that order. Let me know if you had any questions.
Paper topics for Unit 3 (aesthetics)
Is there any relationship between beauty and truth? How? First, explain and examine that relationship. In the textbook, chapter 10, there is a section with the title “Beauty and Truth”. In your examination, use that section. Then, argue about your opinion on this matter (what do you think about that relationship?). Also, discuss how your argument(s) about that relationship impact the definition of art.
Write an essay on the problem of our emotional reactions to fictional characters in the following way. First explain clearly what the problem is (that is, why it is a philosophical problem). Then discuss the fourth solution among the solutions Colin Radford discusses in the article “How Can We be Moved by the Fate of Anna Karenina?” (pp. 72-74). Explain what the solution is and how Radford criticizes it. Do you agree with Radford’s criticism? Why? And at the end, examine Radford’s response to the problem in that paper. Critically evaluate his view: do you agree with his view? Why?
In chapter 10 of the textbook, different definitions for art are discussed. Which one do you agree with? Argue why? Also, bring at least one objection to your chosen definition and give a response to that objection (or objections).
Discuss why there is a philosophical problem related to fictional truths and examine at least two solutions for it. (Use the article: “Fictional Truth and Make-believe”.) (You can organize your paper in this way. First explain what a fictional statement is. Then explain what the philosophical problem related to fictional truths is. After that, give two philosophical solutions for it (for example, two of the solutions discussed in the mentioned paper) and critically evaluate them.)
1)Unit  3 Paper: For each of the units, you will write a paper in which you pick one of the questions from the unit and answer it using the solutions that we discussed. Your answer needs to include at least one possible objection as well as your reply to it. These papers should be considered take-home tests in the sense that I do not expect you to include an introduction or conclusion paragraph. Rather, I want you to focus completely on answering the question. I will provide a list of suggested topics one week into each unit.
2)Formatting Details: 2 pages (about 500 words) 12-point font. Please use a professional font, such as Times, Arial, or Cambria. 1 inch margins. Please use proper citations. You may use APA or Chicago style, so long as you are consistent throughout. (We will do an exercise on citations before your first paper.) Please submit your papers on Canvas. Each Unit paper is worth 15% of your final grade.
3)Please use the book resource as most, and less reading resource, it will influence the weight of paper a lot. Please answer the full question (includes all small questions), and highlight the question you answer in front of the page begging.

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