**Choose ONLY one Sustainable Development Goal** https://www.undp.org/sustainabl

**Choose ONLY one Sustainable Development Goal**

**Choose ONLY one Sustainable Development Goal**
The final paper is a 2000-word report that will present an idea for a project your team at your work can undertake to make progress on one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Ideally, you should address how this can be implemented in the fastest and most effective way possible. This report should have your organization’s leadership as the audience in mind but requires a very limited introduction to the organization as needed for non-local audiences.
Your report should include the following components and structure (the word limits for each line are just a guideline – you may deviate from this as necessary, but
this gives you a general understanding of the detail with which you should address each topic):
• Section 1 – Introduction: Brief introduction to your organization and/or team. (100 words)
• Section 2 – Sustainable Development Goal: A brief descriiption of the SDG that your report
will consider and your radical idea for accomplishing that goal. (300 words)
• Section 3 – The Problem and the Solutions – A brief discussion of the problem that you’re trying to solve and a brief descriiption of what your proposed solutions will be (350 words)
• Section 4 – Logic Model: A refined logic model of the existing policy or plan which sketches out the key assumptions related to its inputs, outputs, outcomes and impact.
https://www.acf.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/documents/prep-logic-model-ts_0.pdf for a
discussion of logic models. Please consider a graphical representation rather than a narrative
approach for this section. And remember to start from the outcomes in mind and work backwards! (100 words)
• Section 5 – Stakeholders: An approach to tactics building the team you need to accomplish this goal and helping to secure buy-in from your team and your chain of command (everyone has a boss!), which also addresses potential opposition to your idea. Your recommendations
should include ideas for mobilizing key stakeholders to support the proposed policy or plan and to become agents of change. See this brief video on Stakeholder Analysis:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFbyzrqFiNI for an overview of the process. While a narrative in this section is critical, a graphical representation summarizing this information can be helpful. (350 words)
• Section 6 – Implementation: A process of implementation with key steps and milestones.(350 words)
• Section 7 – Consequences: A brief discussion of potential risks and unintended consequences of the proposed interventions. (250 words)
• Section 8 – Conclusions: Conclusion, including a discussion of why this work is essential (200 words)
**Reminder: choose only 1 SDG, and it MUST be something that can’t be achievable locally (NOT provide cleaner water in Africa–must be something that can be done in the (your) actual local community. **
I have provided 2 samples just in case.

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