Christianity and Evidence ( details below)

Above all, your papers should have clear thesis statements and follow the principles of rational argument we have discussed throughout the course.  As usual, I am more concerned here with depth than breadth—I would much rather see a careful, detailed argument on a small topic than a sweeping but careless or incomplete argument on a big topic.Take a particular piece of evidence or pieces of evidence that might be thought to have a bearing on the reasonableness of belief in Christianity.  This evidence could have to do with things discussed by Wright, modern day miracle claims, etc. (This will probably require you to do some outside research to get clear on the empirical details.)  First, describe the evidence; I will want this description to be more detailed than the summaries we’ve given in class, and well supported by outside scholarly sources.  Then, give an argument that the evidence supports one of the respective hypotheses strongly or weakly (or not at all).  Be sure to construct your argument slowly and carefully, and use the first IBE principle to organize your discussion.

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