classification paper

PLEASE FOCUS PAPER ON THE REASON FOR GOING TO UNIVERSITY Classification Paper Purpose: To write an essay in which you classify a topic of your choice into logical categories. The choices are limitless here; for example, you can classify your friends, classes, students, etc. Requirements: 1. Write creatively in your own personal voice. 2. Separate your topic into at least three logical categories. The categories can’t overlap. (For example, you can write about kinds of dates, ways to study for exams, kind of fans at a football game, etc., but you can’t write about kinds of drivers and divide it into women drivers, truck drivers and good drivers, because these categories overlap.) 3. Your introductory paragraph should start with a personal story that leads to the reason you chose the topic, and must end with a thesis that identifies your three categories. 4. Each category should be explained in a separate paragraph, with a clear topic sentence and clear details describing it. Your paper should transition well from one paragraph to the next. 5. You should have at least four characteristics for each of the sub-categories, and the last one should be a personal anecdote that contains your experience of the division (i.e. one of your best friends and how your relationship mirrors the characteristics you just wrote about). You should have half the body paragraph dedicated to the characteristics, and the other half to your personal example. 6. Your conclusion should identify how you will apply the tools you learned from the creation of this paper to the future. 7. Write your essay in a clear, organized way. 8. Edit for grammar and spelling mistakes. 9. 3.5 to 4 typed pages (1050-1250 words). Do NOT use the INTERNET. 10. Write the characteristics using the third person. Write the anecdotes using first person. Do NOT use “you.” 11. Twelve-point font; Times New Roman; double-spaced; standard margins. Essay Format: I. A. An interesting example from your life that leads to writing this paper. B. Thesis: There are three different types of , including a, b, and c. Topic Sentence: Type A A. Characteristic 1 B. Characteristic 2 C. Characteristic 3 D. Personal Anecdote III. Topic Sentence: Type B A. Characteristic 1 B. Characteristic 2 C. Characteristic 3 D. Personal Anecdote IV. Topic Sentence: Type C A. Characteristic 1 B. Characteristic 2 C. Characteristic 3 D. Personal Anecdote V. Conclusion: How can you apply these tools in the future?