Clinical Laboratory Management

You are the brand new manager of the TruTest Laboratories. Although this picture was taken three months ago, conditions in the lab’s employee lounge have not changed. That is one of the reasons you have been hired.

  1. Develop/decribe a plan.
  2. Tell me who will be on your team (position names e.g. Laboratory Manager)
  3. Use the 5S’s of LEAN to get this room cleaned up (tell me what each S means and how it will apply to this situation).
  4. You will need to requisition some items to make this a breakroom. What will you want in there and how will you go about acquiring the items (purchase).
  5. Tell me how you will keep the room from returning to current state.
  6. Do a summation.

The 5 S
There are five 5S phases: They can be translated from the Japanese as “sort”, “set in order”, “shine”, “standardize”, and “sustain”. Other translations are possible.
整理 (Sort means eliminating anything that is unnecessary for the equipment to work properly.)

  • Remove unnecessary items and dispose of them properly.
  • Make work easier by eliminating obstacles.
  • Reduce chance of being disturbed with unnecessary items.
  • Prevent accumulation of unnecessary items.
  • Evaluate necessary items with regard to cost or other factors.
  • Remove all parts not in use.
  • Segregate unwanted material from the workplace.
  • Need fully skilled supervisor for checking on regular basis.
  • Don’t put unnecessary items at the workplace & define a red-tagged area to keep those unnecessary items.
  • Waste removal.


  • Can also be translated as “set in order”, “straighten”, or “streamline”
  • Arrange all necessary items so they can be easily selected for use
  • Prevent loss and waste of time
  • Make it easy to find and pick up necessary items
  • Ensure first-come-first-served basis
  • Make workflow smooth and easy
  • All above work should be done on regular basis


  • Can also be translated as “sweep”, “sanitize”, or “scrub”
  • Clean your workplace completely
  • Use cleaning as inspection
  • Prevent machinery and equipment deterioration
  • Keep workplace safe and easy to work
  • Keep work place clean and pleasing to work in
  • When in place anyone not familiar to the environment must be able to detect problems in 5 seconds within 50 feet.


  • Standardize the best practices in the work area.
  • Maintain high standards and workplace organization at all times.
  • Maintain orderliness. Maintain everything in order and according to its standard.
  • Everything in its right place.
  • Every process has a standard.


  • To keep in working order
  • Also translates as “do without being told”
  • Perform regular audits
  • Training and Discipline
  • Training is goal oriented process. Its resulting feedback is necessary monthly